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A&A And The TheatreArtLife Team

By Anna Robb

What a journey it has been to bring TheatreArtLife to reality!

We could never have achieved this feat without the support, work and assistance of the core team:

Beth Robb, Kate Williams, Joe Cirkiel, Maureen Robb, Christopher Robb, Claire George, Katie Murphy, Rebecca (Rex) Lockyer, Rebecca Glade,  Chris Panetta, and Jay Withee.

The site would not exist without our contributors. An eternal thank you for taking this leap with us, sharing your advice, stories, work and lives for the world to see. We hope that your contribution inspires others to join the TheatreArtLife community.

Thank you also to Grayscale, our web developers, for their collaboration on driving the website from concept to functional reality.

The A&A page will soon become a curated content page separate from the main articles on the site so do join us here for our announcements and news.

And for now:

Join. Contribute. Experience. TheatreArtLife.