21st June 2021
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A “Series Regular” Won’t Solve All Your Problems

series regular
By Artist's Strategy

The overarching goal we have with each client is to help them build sustainable careers. Focusing on the “sustainable” allows us to spend more time on the future and takes the pressure off of the present moment. We encourage each actor to move beyond their feelings and ideas of how difficult the “now” is in order to see the forest for the trees.

One easy way we do that is by encouraging actors to dream big while being specific. “Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What do you want to accomplish within your industry?” More often than not, you’ll hear actors talk about the seemingly ever prized “series regular”.

This makes sense. A “series regular” is one of the few consistent jobs in our line of work. Guest stars and regional theatre gigs all come to a definite end while a series regular could allow you to work for years. However, it will not solve all your problems.

There are two big reasons why banking on a series regular to be your stairway to paradise is pretty risky.

A Series Regular Does Not Make Celebrity

There is a perceived notion that a series regular will somehow catapult you into stardom. Depending on the network / streaming platform, you will, of course, build an even bigger base but it’s less than likely that it will make you a household name. To say nothing of the fact that there is so much content these days because of the saturated market based on the number of networks and streaming platforms that a series regular is becoming yet another job.

This Job Will (Also) Undoubtedly Come to an End

Just like the short term gigs mentioned above, a series regular will also end at some point. You may have made some good money and gotten some awesome exposure but that will only carry you so far. The work continues.

The two Broadway shows I’ve been in were solid hits. We had no problem selling but they also came to an end. The first because the producers simply didn’t want to compete with another show they were preparing to open and the second because of COVID. So – now what? I know the feeling that comes along with landing a high profile job that’s going to be around for a while. You feel almost invincible and confident that you will book something that will let you move on before you’re forced to lose the job.

Maybe. Maybe…

“So what should I be focusing on?”

A series regular gig! Haha. BUT – all the while nurturing all the other elements that make up your business. The few most important pieces that come to mind include a close relationship with your long term financial plan including the cultivating of your secondary income stream, self produced projects that will always keep you moving forward, ongoing relationship building and consistent new ways to market in order to stay relevant and maintain and grow your base.

My hope is that this work settles itself. It’s not about “always having to work” but instead about adopting a focused but hopefully stable and consistent lifestyle to allow you to do what you love most…act.

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