12th June 2021
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Are You Really That Busy? Working the Creative Life.

Are you really that busy?
By Artist's Strategy

“Are you really that busy?” People have asked me this question for years and… Yes. Yes, I am. Aren’t you??

When I was younger, I was overly stressed because I didn’t have time to meet these assumed social demands with friends and others while juggling at least 7 jobs on top of growing my creative business. I often pulled 16 hour days and always felt like I could be doing more. Even as my career has progressed and given me more flexibility, I’ve never felt comfortable enough to sit back and just chill because relevancy is a slippery slope.

We work with so many creatives who are also juggling as equally as hectic schedules and resources.

While it can be tough to stay motivated, I feel confident you can sacrifice even more of your own “comfort” as any entrepreneur is expected to do in order to build the business and life you want to have.

If you find yourself with consistent extra time, I think you can safely assume something isn’t quite syncing up when it comes to growing your business. You shouldn’t have extra time until you have paved a path and a brand that will build on itself and allow you to sit back and ride the wave of success that you so deeply want to create for yourself.

Now…in your defense, sometimes simply not knowing what to work on is enough to throw us into a tailspin of “nothingness” but even then, independence is a key factor in getting out of your own way.

Sometimes I think I’m *too* soft on this overall topic because a large piece of our work is about trying to understand what works for the individual without judgment but I also want to be honest and say that your industry is too competitive and too saturated to gently wean yourself into consistent, effective work habits.

You want to be able to answer the question “are you really that busy?” with an overwhelming and proud “Yes!” Because you do care about your business and your future and you understand that your business is not about waiting for someone to give you the opportunity that will supposedly build on itself to many others. You understand that it comes down to you and your willingness to sacrifice in order to create a sustainable, creative, fulfilling future.

Entrepreneurs (let alone creative ones) should expect nonstop strategizing and working. If you are not prepared for that lifestyle, you aren’t prepared for this work.

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