16th April 2021
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Career Success is Relationship Driven

relationship driven
By Artist's Strategy

If. You. Want. Your. Career. To. Progress. You. Must. Rely. On. The. People. You. Know.

Was that clear enough?

Even though the bulk of the world operates on a “who you know” basis, it couldn’t be more true than when it comes to a career in the arts. Our opportunities to share our gifts are reliant on our networks.

And yet the pushback from creatives is real. I try so hard to understand. I really do. And while I will always offer ways to finding your “in” to cultivating your community on a regular basis, we do need to be real about the situation at the outset.

Your. Talent. Alone. Will. Not. Be. Enough.

Think about it. Even if someone were to magically recognize your special gifts, they will be a relationship you will have forged that will then become dependent on *their* relationships to help move your career long. This is true of producers, agents, investors, directors, managers and your entire base. If they like what you’ve got, they will share it with others *they* know. It’s all relationship driven. This is the power of social media, for example.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that a primary effort of yours NEEDS to be, to continue to expand and cultivate relationships if you want to move your business along quicker than would be expected if you were to rely on luck alone. We’ve talked about this before in various forms but I will never stop beating the Community Cultivation drum because it must be a constant priority in order to see professional results.

We can try to look away from the realities of what our relationships (or lack thereof) provide us but it’s a dangerous move. If you are someone who is uncomfortable with the idea of networking, please know that there is more to gain from understanding why you feel so uncomfortable engaging and developing relationships than just turning away from it.

I know for most the idea of engaging with people in order to “get something” from them leaves an icky feeling but that’s not what I’m suggesting.

I’m actually suggesting you find unique, honest and personal ways to engage with your community in order to foster real relationships to help grow your business when the appropriate time comes where you may need something (connections, resources, money, an audience, etc.).

Your business is dependent on you cultivating a relationship driven approach to your work on a weekly basis. How you move past uncomfortable feelings and work that process into your day to day is up to you.

Relationship. Driven. Ok?

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