21st June 2021
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Show Reel Of The Week: Singer – Cassie Stone

Cassie Stone
By Show Reel Of The Week


Give us your elevator pitch of who you are, what you do and what your skill set is.

I am mainly a singer, classically trained, with musical theater, jazz, rock and metal credits and skills. But I am also a dancer, actress, comedian, acrobat, artist … so I call myself a performer. It’s more extensive and accurate.

What is your ideal role?

I have a thing for male roles… Judas or Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar would be my top choice. Or Dr. Frank N. Furter in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Cassie Stone

Name your top 5 credits.

  1. Zarkana, from Cirque du Soleil, as Lia and the Freak Ladies (Snake Lady , Spider Lady and Mandragora), from creation in 2010 to closing in 2016. The hardest challenge of my career: singing upside down while spinning and belting, manipulating puppets, wearing a harness and a corset for the entire show, twice a day, 5 days a week. Lots of training and discipline. It was exhausting but Oh! So fun!
  2. Don Juan, as Isabel, from creation in 2003 to the 15th anniversary concerts this year with a symphonic orchestra. My first major production. I owe so much to this musical, including my love for flamenco and learning Spanish. I still consider this my “first character love”.
  3. Sherazade, les 1001 Nuits, as Djininnia the Witch, from creation in 2008 to closing in 2010. Playing villains is my favorite thing! “Spicing” her up with some comedic bursts was definitely my favorite part.
  4. Zumanity, from Cirque du Soleil, from 2016 to present. I’m lucky to be the swing for both singers (the Rock and the Soul). This show is incredibly fun and fierce. I feel so confident when I put my costume on that every show is a gift from life and I have the time of my life at each and every representation.
  5. Canada Day, 2009. First time I had to fly while singing. It was a revelation. It was windy… and magical.

Cassie Stone

Where do you find inspiration?

Mostly in all the amazing performers surrounding me, and in music. Sometimes it’s a piece of clothing I see online, or the noise coming from a car. It’s everywhere!

What motivates you to keep performing/creating?

It’s a fundamental need in me. It’s mandatory, for my own sanity. If it’s not within music, I’m gonna create with my hands. I love rearranging songs too. Or decorating.

Cassie Stone

What should TheatreArtLife readers know about you?

Fun facts: I changed my stage name twice. First, to Cassiopée, in 1998. Then Cassie Stone. Cassiopée is a little too hard to pronounce and remember for my US peers ;) I’m also known for playing the kazoo whenever I can. It’s my little “portable brass section replacement”.

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