19th June 2021
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How Do I Get Representation? Part 1

how do I get representation
By Artist's Strategy

This is part one of a two-part post in which we will explore the specific step by step process of securing representation. However, we’d like to speak more generally on the topic first.

“How do I get an agent and a manager?” is the number one question we get asked by all new clients. Makes sense, right? Artist’s Strategy is a career consulting company that helps actors build sustainable businesses, and when most actors hear the word “business” they think of agents and managers.

To their detriment, however, that’s usually all they think about.

Yes, acquiring solid reps is an important element for the infrastructure of your business. Like any boss you want the best people working for your company and creating additional opportunities for you. For instance, good reps will bring certain connections to the table you don’t have, widening your customer base and potential for employment. You can also delegate a certain level of work to them (getting auditions, negotiating contracts) so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

However, in order to secure reps in the first place, you will have to strengthen your business as much as you can on your own. Your business doesn’t start once you get an agent or a manager, it starts with you.

A Comparison that Brings the Point Home

Think about it this way. You start a company selling post-it notes. Right now it’s a very small level business, but you want the best people working for you. Oh, and you can’t pay them unless they bring work opportunities to you.

With such a sweet deal do you expect that you could just send random emails to top-level people requesting an appointment? Not dropping any references or having someone connect you?

Let’s say, by sheer dumb luck, one of those people agrees to come in for an interview; would you expect them to be so charmed by you and your post-it notes that you wouldn’t have to show them hard facts and figures and a strategy for real potential profit? Would you expect them to be the ones to just see the profit potential?

What makes acting any different? Yes, I know, you are special and unique and have a lot of passion and you work really really hard at making your post-it notes really good. But so does everyone else.

The fact of the matter is you must build a strong viable business by yourself that will then attract top level people. You must prove to those potential employees you’re to be taken very seriously and that you will turn a profit and be able to do that. You have to show them you have a great business.

The Bottom Line

Next week, we are doing to get more into a step-by-step process on how to secure the representation you desire. We will do so in a way that not only improves your chances of getting meetings with the offices you want, but increases the credibility and viability of your business in its entirety.

If you follow this process, build strong connections to CDs, maintain a strong marketing game, and generally run a strong business on your own, reps will look at you and see an opportunity, not just a headshot and resume with a low probability of returning on their investment.

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