21st June 2021
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The Importance of Regular Content on Social Media

By Artist's Strategy

We live in a day and age where we are inundated with content in all its forms. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with it there’s so much to take in. And yet, that’s exactly what we need from you as a creative entrepreneur: more content!

I’m not just talking about videos of your cat playing with your feet. I’m talking about samples of your work. That may, of course, come in the form of social media tidbits and may even be the primary vessel in which you share it but the real point is that you simply need content, content, content.

Focusing on the creation of continual content allows for a few important things to happen:

“I’m here too, girl.”

You make sure you don’t miss out on your work being seen in such a saturated market. With your competitors regularly pouring their work into our laps, you have an obligation to do the same so as to make sure you don’t give off the vibe of irrelevancy. We see this happen with disengagement on various social media platforms as is. The same is true of your base and their interest in your work overall if your business seems to have no output.

A regular Shonda Rhimes over here.

Part of the battle of creating your own work is just “starting”. Getting into the habit of creating your own content regularly does exactly that…it makes it a habit. While others will be twiddling their thumbs waiting for someone to discover them, you’ll be franchising your own Grey’s Anatomy.

Free Samples!

Who doesn’t love a free sample? It’s why we go to Costco and Trader Joe’s, right? You might not love every lukewarm piece of quiche but you’re there for the opportunity to try. We want to see your work so we can learn about why your art is so good. Continual content allows for us to experience you in various forms and subsequently understand why your grandma thinks you should be a superstar, too.

While the thought of adding in the creation of continual content could create some agita (“there’s already so much to do!”), I wouldn’t focus on the overall need and would probably start by trying to understand what “continual content creation” may look like to you. Is it a series of sorts? A blog featuring your work? Weekly Monday IG Live broadcasts? Or maybe you start with a creative idea that could have some sort of continuation. Or maybe you have the bandwidth to think through various forms for content and how it’s released. All goes to say, let your process dictate how you may find an in to seizing the (necessary) opportunity to create as much content on the regular as you possibly can.

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