21st June 2021
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Show Reel Of The Week: Acrobat & Diver – Sophie Brundish

Sophie Brundish
By Show Reel Of The Week

Hi, my name is Sophie Brundish. I am an ex-artistic gymnast who found her way into the Circus world. I then found high diving due to being part of the giant water show The House of Dancing Water in Macau. I competed as a Red Bull Cliff Diver, and competed for Great Britain in the FINA High Diving World Cup.

I worked in The House of Dancing Water and performed for almost 6 years. From 2012- 2018, I was a house troupe girl who did multiple diving acts, high diving, couples trapeze skills, Russian Swing and back up dancer.  I was also a former captain of the house troupe girls.

I love to explore different types of movement and training hand balancing in my spare time, (who doesn’t enjoy handstands right?). I also enjoy pumping some iron in the gym, and acting like a complete child and making people smile.

Sophie Brundish

My journey to circus began with an audition for Dragone that had come into my radar. I decided to go with no real expectations. I hadn’t had any previous exposure to the circus world. I had grown up as a gymnast, and stayed in that bubble pretty much until going to this audition. I had never heard of Cirque du Soleil or Dragone or seen any circus shows. So I had no idea what to expect, with that in mind I just took a leap of faith…

I was lucky enough after the audition to be invited to the training process.

I worked really hard, and they saw potential in me, and offered me a contract in Macau, to take part in this incredible show! They taught me everything I needed to know and trained me up. It took a lot of time and effort to get me to the standard they required. But I worked and worked and continued to improve.

However this show isn’t all down to the performer. It takes many dedicated technicians, stage managers, coaches, artistic staff and physiotherapists to make everything run smoothly. Each department playing such a large, fundamental part in the machine which produces some of the most spectacular things. A great performer has to be willing to listen and understand how each of these integral parts of the show are run, to provide the best outcome.

Sophie Brundish

My favourite parts of the show I liked to perform was the Russian Swing and being one of the evil daughters as a dancer, two extremes of the show. Flying high in the air, with a strong character full of fight and courage, and then turning into an ugly, dark daughter full of evil tricks and animalistic movement!

A lot of my inspiration and motivation comes from the people who are around me.

At the show we definitely fed of off each other’s energy, and pushed each other to be the best version of ‘Self’ we could be. I always push to be a role model in hope that it will inspire others. I get great happiness from seeing people succeed, helping them to realise their limitless potential.

Working with people from all over the world, and with different backgrounds and upbringings, I learnt to keep the ‘Ego’ in check. Even though I feel I have achieved greatly and I am proud of where I have come from, having a growth mind set has allowed me to continuously be taught and to learn, which ultimately has allowed growth as a performer and person. The circus environment definitely allows people to experiment in a ‘child like’ approach with an adult responsibility, which I believe makes it a very unique and inviting atmosphere.

Sophie Brundish

I am a strong believer in learning as much as you can. As a circus performer, you continually change, grow, and improve.

Leaving home and moving overseas at just 19 years of age I learnt so much about myself, how to find my own way and be independent. I had to continuously adapt, evolve to new situations and different types of people in a very complex, fun and challenging environment.

Whether we are in the show world or not, continuously creating things is important. May it be circus or, well…almost anything! It could be a moment with family, creating a gift for someone, creating relationships, creating a lifestyle, we live for these moments and that’s what make us feel alive.

Being in shows has helped me feel comfortable in my own skin and to be the person I want to be! Performing is a sense of freedom, a safe place to express different parts of your personality, and maybe parts in which you don’t feel so comfortable in everyday life.




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