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Liam Klenk

Liam Klenk
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Liam Klenk is a stage manager and writer. He was born in Central Europe and has since lived on four continents. Liam has always been engaged in creative pursuits, ranging from photography and graphic design, to writing short stories and poetry, to working in theatre and shows. In 2016, Liam published his first book and memoir, 'Paralian'.

"My aim is to live life to the fullest. I have found my element by working backstage for theater and shows. It’s a life of experiencing, rather than owning anything. It’s immediate, vivid, full of uncertainties and surprises... and I treasure the expat life which inevitably results from all of it. In my free time, I travel even further, to see as much of the world and its diversity as possible. Then, in between, I sit down, breathe deeply, and write down whatever flows and grows from these experiences."

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