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Patricia Farr

Patricia Farr
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Patricia Farr was born in London and trained as a teacher, but opted out of state schools and taught English as a Foreign Language in London. She then worked in London for five years as a proofreader of film and cinema scripts and occasional novels.

In 1975, Patricia married and spent one year in Rhode Island, where her husband attended the Naval War College after which she returned to Scotland to start a family. From 1981-1983 and 1985-1989, Patricia lived in Beijing where her husband served as the British Naval Attache. Following the appointments abroad, Patricia and her family returned to Scotland, where she and her family collected a large number of rescued or orphaned animals. Still desiring great adventures- our idea of a family holiday was driving a Land Rover from the north of Scotland to the Sahara Desert and back!

After her husband's death in 2000, Patricia stayed in Scotland until moving in 2006 to Taipei. She then spent two years in Auckland, New Zealand followed by seven years on Rarotonga, Cook Islands serving as a volunteer Home Support Worker and working for an NGO setting up Caregiver, Palliative and Disability Support services.

Following a brief interval back in Scotland to kick Breast Cancer up the a***, she now spends summers in Scotland and the rest of the year in Taipei where Patricia volunteers with the Tzu Chi Buddhist Compassion Relief Society.

Patricia’s philosophy has always been to follow your dreams and see where the wind takes you. Never, ever let an opportunity pass you by because you fear it might not work out - don't be afraid of the opinions of the "dreamstealers": if it doesn't work out, admit it proudly, change direction and move on. As her husband always said "if it seemed like a good idea at the time, then it was a good idea".

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