12th June 2021
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Shadon Meredith

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Shadon Meredith is a Samoan born into the New Zealand way of life and comes from a huge Samoan family. Shadon is happily married (it’s a constant work of art in progress) and sometimes lives out his days with his son making up awesome videos on Instagram using the hashtag #DADDYDAYCARE.

He studied the trade of ‘Acting’ but in his time from graduating he has put his hands in many different fields sometimes relative to the dramatic arts; like 3rd Assitant Directing for feature films or devising epic stories (usually in his mind) and sometimes completely outside the box; like landscaping and painting, but always managing to make the situation artistic.

He loves to unpack processes and problem solve how people might operate alone or collaboratively. TheatreArtLife is the first time Shadon has turned over his writing for public consumption because all the rest of his poetical pages and wannabe rap scribbles are for private degustation. The art in this process is for Shadon to allow for growth in his writing and practice of ‘letting go’ and not to be so precious. Welcome to Shadon Meredith’s world and how he experiences it.

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