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Vici Wreford-Sinnott

Vici Wreford-Sinnott
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Vici is a British disabled playwright, screenwriter, activist, and equality strategist. She is the Artistic Director of Little Cog which is a disabled-led theatre company based in the North East of England. She has been active in the UK Disability Arts movement for almost thirty years and has developed a number of pioneering projects and productions to ensure that the stories of disabled people are placed centre-stage in the arts. Vici has created a number of innovations in how the theatre sector can include and involve disabled people at all levels.

She is passionate that Little Cog develops original new work that is rich, radical and brings a new aesthetic, and is symbiotic in its relationship with new cultural thinking.

Little Cog is based at ARC Stockton, a multi artform venue based in the heart of a number of communities, and together have created a unique model of disability equality practice in a venue.

Vici is a co-founder of Disconsortia which is a collective of incredible disabled artists from all artforms, carving out a regional voice for change.

Vici is one of the founding members of a new UK wide Disability Arts Alliance, formed as an emergency response to the pandemic to ensure there is a sustainable future for disabled artists through and after the crisis, and aiming to amplify the voices of disabled artists.

Vici’s own work tours nationally in the UK and the British Council have supported her to be involved in a number of international events. Her production of her own play Butterfly was named Best One Person Play by the British Theatre Guide. She is currently working on a number of digital productions and is in the process of commissioning a number of disabled artists to ensure excellent work remains visible.

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