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Introduction to International Event Production

International Event Production
By Anna Robb


Ever wondered what it takes to produce an event internationally? What are the challenges of locations, cultures and work processes? Watch this 90 minute webinar to find out.

​The best practices of producing events around the world can be as ​​​​​​​varied as the events themselves. Beyond the known markets of the UK, USA and Australia, regions including Asia and the Middle East present challenges and opportunities for passionate event professionals.

Join us to discuss the challenges of international event production and how patience, tolerance and mediation can be some of the skills to take you further in our exciting industry.

​​​​​We will touch on the specific areas of producing that can be affected by the location’s working environment including budgeting, supplier sourcing, venue coordination and client relationships. Your skills and preconceptions will be challenged!

Dawn Dennis

Originally from Las Vegas, Dawn has nearly 30 years of experience in the events and entertainment industry, with the last 12 years spent working throughout China, SE Asia, the Middle East and the UK. In roles from project management to event producing, Dawn’s skills span account management, VIP management, show and entertainment logistics and technical and production management.

Whether as a producer or technician on countless concerts, exhibitions and corporate shows, Dawn has worked across the major venues of Las Vegas and in many Asian cities. Dawn has worked on the Olympics, with one of the top sponsors, on casino openings in Macau, citywide lighting festivals, production launches, conferences and many more.

​​​​As the region and industry develops, and now responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dawn is now splitting her focus between event production, event education and future work strategies. She is building programs to improve event management skills as well as helping broaden minds to think about the psychology of event management, and also working to improve event sustainability and risk assessment by event organisers.

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