21st June 2021
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Silver Linings: Finding Hope in COVID-19 Times

Silver Linings
By Brittany Zimber

These are some trying times. Parents are learning to home school their children. People are dying. The entertainment industry has come to a stand still. Small businesses are closing. Teachers are teaching through virtual studios and online classes. Doctors and Nurses are putting themselves at risk to help. Bills aren’t able to be paid. Toilet Paper and eggs are nearly impossible to find. Students were taken out of colleges. People are losing their jobs. Seniors are missing out on their last few months playing sports and being with their friends.

The world has gone into a complete black out. But, a few lights are still on.

Italians are singing from their rooftops. Zumba classes are happening for neighborhoods, outside. In Spain two men were playing ping pong from their balconies. Neighbors are putting their Christmas lights on once again to spread some cheer. To spread some light.

There are Silver Linings in every situation.

“Silver Lining : a consoling or hopeful prospect” (Merriam- Webster)

Sometimes, you just need to look for them.

I know.. I know.. To some in may seem as though I’m just ignorant. I was worried about writing this because when you aren’t a multi millionaire and you like to think positive.. Oh God no. How dare you for not thinking the absolute worst. You obviously don’t have it that hard. It may come off as you are just “blind to it”, or you “lack knowledge” or you “don’t care.” Or, let me emphasize again, people actually believe, “you don’t have it that difficult.”

This virus is spreading as fast as gossip does. As fast as misery. As fast as self doubt. As fast as negativity.

Maybe we asked for this in some sort of way. Listen, I am a firm believer in what we put out into the Universe we will receive. I am not saying that we want people to be losing their lives, or hurting, or scared. That is very real and very scary.

But, were we not saying all of the following?

We asked for longer weekends. We hated our jobs. We asked for more time with our kids. We said teachers weren’t doing a good enough job. We were bored of going to our after school activities. We didn’t want to spend that Holiday with our family. We wanted more sleep. We weren’t going out when friends were asking to see us. We didn’t have enough time for anyone. We were killing our planet. We complained about going to the store. We complained about staying home. We complained about our loved ones. We complained about the snow. We complained when it rained. We complained when it was too hot. Everything became an issue. A dilemma, a headache, a problem, a bother. We took it all for granted. And it seems that we just weren’t being kind, selfless human beings anymore.

So, the world changed.

It gave us all the time that we all begged so much for. That doesn’t mean you need to take this time to be the next Thomas Edison. Maybe you should be taking this time to play more games with family and watch less TV. Maybe you should take the time to appreciate the teachers that push your children every day to do and be better. Maybe take this time to appreciate your work, your job, your career. Appreciate all the abundance of what you do have. Appreciate your child’s smile. Appreciate your family members who are getting older. Go for a walk. Sit on your front porch and listen to the birds. Sing Karaoke with your wife because she wants to. Listen to your daughter laugh. Fall more in love with your boyfriend and all he does for you. Start a journal. Watch the snow fall. Play with your dog more. Watch the sunset. Learn something new. Make a new healthy meal. Or, eat whatever the hell you want and drink that case of wine. You know, the world is now your oyster. To be fair it always has been, we just lose our way sometimes. We did it in a big way this time.

Try to spend less time on social media, because the negativity will drain you and bring you down. You know what it will say. It hasn’t changed for days. Misery loves company. Try to take in the good things and not the bad ones.

And have Faith. I have a tattoo that reads “Faith” and “Matthew 17:20”

“Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.”

Faith over fear. Faith it will get better. Faith can move mountains. Believe.

It will get better. I believe it will get better when we are ready. When we have used this time wisely. You know when you are put in the same situations over and over until you finally learn your lesson. I think this is what has happened to our world. We are being taught a big lesson in a big way.

So as real as this is, we need to be hopeful. We need to spread hope and joy and positivity and gratitude as much and as quickly as the bad stuff is spreading.

Find the Silver Lining. Spread Hope. Heal the World.

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