26th February 2021
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The Mission Of Urban Dance Health

By Urban Dance Health

Urban Dance Health share with TheatreArtLife, their passion for the urban dance scene and what are the influencing factors driving their mission.

Dancers need medical health care

Urban dancers nowadays are exposed to an increasing level of impact. The performances are becoming longer, the movements more complex, the acrobatics more demanding and the dancers younger and younger. Due to the increase in performance pressure, the risk of injury increases rapidly. However, the progress of medical health care does not follow the development of this genre of dance. An urban dancer is exposed to similar strains as a high performance athlete but has no team of specialized doctors and physiotherapists. Thus even professionals are dependent on themselves when it comes to the prevention and rehabilitation of dance related injuries. This too often leads to early career endings and barriers to their dance development.

The bridge between medical professionals and urban dancers

In order to sustainably promote the health of urban dancers, dance medical know-how has to be passed on to the urban dance scene and to supporting entities such as dance schools, doctors, physiotherapists etc. Only through the development of a worldwide network of dancers, dance pedagogues and medical practitioners, the urban dance scene can be effectively promoted and thus rise to the next level. This requires working on several levels:

Number One

The urban dancer needs a basic understanding of their body, as well as dance-related, preventive techniques, in order to make an injury-free career possible.

Number Two

Dance teachers need specific knowledge of dance medicine in order to pass on health-promoting instead of detrimental dance practices to their students.

Number Three

The dance medical practitioner needs a basic understanding of the specific demands of an urban dancer, as well as appropriate methods for the professional care of dancers.


Urban Dance Health are attempting to bridge this gap. Their team consists of active, internationally established dancers who have become physiotherapists out of their love of dance.

Through their personal injury history, they have dedicated themselves to understanding the dancing body. They train dancers, dance teachers and medical professions in multi-day certification courses in dance medicine.

Their aim? To make the dance scene healthier and more sustainable.



Published in Collaboration with Urban Dance Heath

Urban Dance Health

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