21st June 2021
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The Waves of Quarantine: Life in Lockdown

Waves of Quarantine
By Brittany Zimber

Week 9 of Quarantine. I previously wrote about the Silver Linings of this thing going on in the world. Which I do believe finding the good in this situation is important. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult.

How has it gone for you? I feel like each week is different.

And I can’t stress this enough, taking it one day at a time is completely okay. More importantly, it is normal. One week I am working out every single day and eating healthy. The next week I start drinking at 1:00pm and I’m eating chicken wings.

To put it into perspective, I stopped eating meat over a year ago.

There are absolutely no rules to this “new” world we are living in.

It was back on March 13th, my mom was away and she asked me to go do a big shop for her. I had just gone to the grocery store a few days prior and got maybe $50.00 worth of food. In no way was I thinking that three days later I wouldn’t be able to find toilet paper or eggs.


“I am coming home as my trip got cut short, but can you go stock up on some essentials for me, please.” My mother asked me to go stock up on March 13th. The line at our grocery store was around the entire store. The entire store guys. It just kind of blows my mind.

My boyfriend and I were still going out to eat at this point. Each time joking, “this might be our last time at a restaurant for a while.”

On March 14th, my boyfriend and I went to a live performance of a Van Morrison tribute band. We met another couple, my mom and my step dad. Going for dinner before and having drinks after, together. Honestly, I am so incredibly grateful that it happened. The singer kept announcing that it was most likely the last concert venue opened on that night.

It was the last live performance happening in the Country.


And how quickly it all changed.

The next week was St. Patrick’s Day. This was my boyfriend’s first week working remotely and at this point I had lost my job. We went to my mom’s for St. Patrick’s Day dinner and drinks. I was still bringing my dog Brady back and forth as the two dogs were still getting used to each other. By the end of the week Brady and I were staying at my boyfriend’s full time.

Talk about taking a relationship to the next level.

I would say the first two weeks of quarantine were good. We were cooking together and cleaning together. It was enjoyable to be able to spend more time together.

It was probably about week three where I broke down for the first time. I was confused, tired, feeling helpless and just as stressed as the rest of the country.

How can I help? How can I fix this? What am I going to do? How do we make this work? When will this end?

This new normal, isn’t normal at all.

Let me explain. We spent an entire Sunday once watching Netflix.

We also spend a lot of time playing games. Oh and every morning we watch “The Price is Right”, and compete for 5 minute massages. One week I lost every single day. Last week was my time to shine though. I am up to 45 minutes of massage time. Yay!

At some point I started working out. That lasted about three weeks. Then I stopped. I began again with a different program.

I should probably start walking around in a bathing suit. That should give me the motivation.

We try to do yard work most days. I must say that has probably been our biggest accomplishment through this. Until the New Hampshire weather decides it is going to start snowing in May.

We are definitely in “The Hunger Games”.

I spent a week writing every single day. It was great, I was able to get out an entire “series” of blogs. There are also weeks where I stare at the computer because I have no inspiration. I am a traveler, being stuck in one spot makes me feel weighed down.

Then, I spent a week playing games on my phone.

Some days I put on makeup. Most days I don’t. I haven’t even put a hair dryer or straightener to my hair since this thing started. My hair dresser would be proud.

Some days I will read half of a book. Other days I might get five minutes in.

We cook a lot. Some people are out there making homemade bread. We are over here at this point going, “so you want mac and cheese again tonight?”

Besides the cooking though.. Who is tired of the cleaning up after? Two weeks ago I said, “After this we are going out to eat for a week straight just so I don’t have to wash any dishes.” There are only two of us!!

A huge pat on the back to all the families out there. I don’t know how you are doing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cleaning. We spent an entire Saturday cleaning all the windows inside and outside. I can’t stop cleaning the bathrooms. I am the all day cleaner during quarantine. Well, some weeks I am.

One day I did about 7 loads of laundry. Today it seems as though a tornado went through the room and there are clothes on every inch of the floor. Again let me state that there are only two of us. You families be proud of what you are doing through this.

A few days ago I decided I was going to clean out all the cupboards.

This quarantine is spring cleaning at its finest.

I can spend a week eating terrible food every single day. All the pretzels and chips and bacon.. Apparently, I have started eating bacon pretty religiously. No word of a lie a few weeks ago my boyfriend said, “babe, we can’t eat bacon at every meal.” Pfff.. Let me live my life.

Then there are times when all I want is a salad and asparagus.

For two weeks I was drinking my healthy teas every afternoon. You know those Yogi teas? The dandelion detox, green tea, lemon ginger and so on. I love them!!

But, there are also days I decide it’s a great idea to begin drinking Gin at 5:00pm while doing yard work. I might even have a drink at 1:00pm, cause why not?

We take the dogs for a walk every day at noon. Unless it is raining. You’ll never meet dogs that hate the rain more than these two.

Some days I cry my eyes out because the weight of the world makes it hard to breathe. My anxiety gets to me. I start over thinking everything. To be fair, I overthink quite a bit anyway. But feeling stuck makes my brain go on a rampage. Things happen that are major triggers for me. I’m tired from not sleeping through the night. I’m wondering when I will be able to get back to teaching and eating at my favorite restaurant.

Some days you are on top of the world during this. Some days you are just melting into the couch. Either way, it is okay. We are all doing the best we can.

And that is Quarantine Life.

Some days you can’t get yourself into the shower. Other days you keep yourself busy with work, the dogs, the kids, working out, a new hobby, cleaning, or cooking a five course meal.

Everyone is doing this the way that works for them. No matter what, we are all doing our best. Use this time however you feel works for you.

And know that you are not alone through the waves of Quarantine.

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