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High End Systems - ETC - Hog Programming (2-Day Seminars) - Regular Classes Available - U.S.A.

This two-day programing introduction course covers the powerful Hog control software, which is used in the Hog 4, Full Boar 4, Road Hog 4, Hedgehog 4 and Hog 4 PC application. Attendees will learn a hands-on approach, using the industry standard Big Hog hardware with Hog 4 operating software, connected to a visualiser.

About ETC – High End Systems:

High End Systems Inc. began as a grassroots venture in Austin, TX between a musician, a DJ, and a photographer. Our mission has always been to provide quality lighting products with great service. We’ve gone on to become a global industry leader and innovative force by introducing a series of ground-breaking new technologies that helped define the industry.

We at High End Systems Inc. are proud to call ourselves an ETC company as of April, 2017. Our offices are located in Austin, TX as they have been for years. Combined with ETC we represent one of the most powerful entertainment lighting manufacturers around the globe. Now in our fourth decade of operation, we’re proud to be a pioneer in high power LED automated lighting, a pioneer in digital lighting fixtures, and producer of industry preferred lighting controllers for live event and concert touring applications.

At High End, we innovate and create the lighting products and control systems that illuminate some of the world’s biggest artists on the largest stages. Our portfolio also contains film and television studios, cruise ships, corporate events, theme parks, churches, restaurants and retail spaces.

We attribute our success to staying in touch with the needs of our customers and community. Product research and development is an ongoing collaboration between in-house engineers and lighting professionals in the field and this collaboration is largely to thank for our status as a major industry innovator and intellectual property holder.

As members of the entertainment community, we know reliability is paramount. We maintain rigorous manufacturing standards, while providing industry-leading customer support services.

ETC and High End together, known for innovation and creativity, promise to bring bigger and better things to you for many, many years to come.

ETC – High End – Training Centers & Online Videos:

The High End Systems Training Center is the portal to information about our technical training classes along with online resources including videos and tutorials. Please use the links below to navigate further.

High End Systems offers one of the industry’s top lighting and console training programs, developed to ensure you have the support and most up-to-date technical knowledge needed to be on top of your game in this competitive market.

Free, online videos developed by our Support and Training Department. Topics covered in our videos include Wholehog, DL.3 and DL.2.

Hog Programming (Two-Day Seminar):

This two-day programing introduction course covers the powerful Hog control software, which is used in the Hog 4, Full Boar 4, Road Hog 4, Hedgehog 4 and Hog 4 PC application. Course content is regularly updated as the software continues to add functionality.

This fast-paced course requires a good working knowledge of basic entertainment lighting terminology. Attendees will learn a hands-on approach, using the industry standard Big Hog hardware with Hog 4 operating software, connected to a visualiser.

Topics covered during the two-day course include:

  • Console layout
  • Patching
  • Show file organisation
  • Programming
  • Timing
  • Palettes
  • Cues
  • Directories
  • Pages
  • Scenes
  • Saving Show Files
  • And More…

Sessions are held at ETC’s premises throughout the United States.

Classes run from 09:00 to 17:00; lunch is provided.

Space is limited: Only 6 seats are available for each session. Registration is on a first come, first served basis.

This class is always evolving as the HOG Control Software continues to add functionality.

For More Information: Click Here

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Introducing Mentorly, Your Direct Link To Arts Mentorship

Mentorly is the very first online arts mentorship platform, connecting artists around the world. Mentorly is their direct link to mentorship.

Mentorly is the very first online arts mentorship platform, connecting artists around the world.

Mentorly is their direct link to mentorship.

Head over to Mentorly.co and sign up as a mentor, mentee, or both. Pick your discipline, browse our community of critically acclaimed mentors, request an hour-long session, and meet your chosen mentor via videoconference – all seamlessly hosted on our intuitive platform.
The experience is curated by Mentorly, taking all of the guesswork and intimidation out requesting guidance.

At Mentorly, we believe in supporting emerging artists, because talent and hard work aren’t the only defining factors of success. Thanks to mentors’ generous donations, our InKind Fund sponsors artists lacking the financial means to book a session with the mentor of their choice.

Visit Mentorly

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Your Direct Link To Circus Mentorship

Whether you like to test your body’s limits or simply love entertaining audiences, passion for Circus Arts isn’t everything; you need to practice extensively with a clear idea of your unique offering and that’s just a first step…

Whether you like to test your body’s limits or simply love entertaining audiences, passion for Circus Arts isn’t everything; you need to practice extensively with a clear idea of your unique offering and that’s just a first step… Which school do you choose? What company do you audition for? Tania Holt, world-touring aerialist with Cirque du Soleil, choreographer, and coach is available to help you find your way. Connect with her on Mentorly.co.

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When First Aid/AED/CPR Training isn't enough.

In most areas of live entertainment, it is expected that staff are trained in First Aid/CPR/AED at a minimum. But have you ever felt a little unprepared for an emergency? There is more training out there and the internationally recognised PHTLS (Prehospital Trauma Life Support) Course is a good step up.

For those involved in flying automation systems, acrobatic performance, long and arduous load in/load outs in touring, there are risks. Being a confident and capable first responder can be key in saving a colleagues’ life. NAEMT provide a 2-day course with practical and theory components to upskill your emergency response. Be aware though, you will need to read the textbook thoroughly and brush up on your medical terms. This is no easy course to pass. Here is NAEMT’s summary:

NAEMT’s Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) is recognized around the world as the leading continuing education program for prehospital emergency trauma care. The mission of PHTLS is to promote excellence in trauma patient management by all providers involved in the delivery of prehospital care through global education.  PHTLS is developed by NAEMT in cooperation with the American College of Surgeons’ Committee on Trauma. The Committee provides the medical direction and content oversight for the PHTLS program.

PHTLS promotes critical thinking as the foundation for providing quality care. It is based on the belief that, given a good fund of knowledge and key principles, EMS practitioners are capable of making reasoned decisions regarding patient care. The PHTLS course is continuously updated and revised to keep up with the advances in the field, ATLS Guidelines and feedback from PHTLS participants.

Although PHTLS originated in the United States, it has evolved and now serves as an international education program available to EMS providers in countries around the world.

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Acrobatic Demo Reels - What does Casting want to see?

Many aspiring performers spend hours preparing a show reel for auditions with introduction graphics and music and carefully selected well-shot pieces from their prior work. But what does casting want in a show reel? Here are a few tips.

Imagine you are a casting agent and you have to watch hundreds of show reel submissions per week. All they are seeking in your acrobatic demo reel is a demonstration of your ability. In one resident Las Vegas acrobatic show, those responsible for casting watch the audition show reels without the sound of the reel on. So instead of painstakingly choosing the music for your reel, focus on what the casting teams are really looking for.

  1. Keep it under 3 minutes.
  2. Provide footage of competent skills only (not what you could do 5 years ago, what you can do now)
  3. Do not show a progression of skills. This is unnecessary. Show the final skill. A good casting agent knows what it takes to get there.
  4. No need to repeat skills from different angles
  5. No need for amazing production value, artistic lighting etc. Casting want to see your skills clearly.

Alongside your demo reel, provide your CV. Do not forget to include this information:

  1. Name. Address. Email. Telephone number.
  2. Include your Date of Birth.
  3. Height. Weight. Eye colour and hair style/colour.

In terms of CV layout:

  1. Previous performance experience (most recent first) with dates.
  2. Background training and achievements.
  3. Education
  4. Special Skills
  5. Links to Demo reel
  6. Provide headshot and full body shot (form fitting clothes/top off for boys)
  7. 2 references and contact details of those references.

Providing all of the points above give casting a good idea of you and your ability. From this information, casting will have enough to assess your suitability for the role they are seeking to fill.

Give them what they need the first time around. Good luck!

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Online Management Course - International Career Institute

The International Career Institute offers courses that you can do online and in your own time. The Diploma in Frontline Management particularly focuses on the management of teams in the action.

The International Career Institute (ICI) is a leader in distance education with some of the most diverse course offerings available to students. It is part of a network of affiliated colleges established in 1978 which together educate tens of thousands of students yearly worldwide.

ICI students are given skills that will change their employment prospects and increase their value to employers. The Institute listens to employers, through its strong links to industry. Our tutors are professionals who are not full-time teachers but rather practitioners who actively work in their field of specialization. ICI currently offers over 50 exciting career and lifestyle focused courses to a broad range of adult learners regardless of location or prior experience and education.

Click here for website

Recommended: Frontline Management


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Stepping into Management?

Is your career transitioning into a more managerial role? Many of us who work in the industry do not get any formal training in management and learn by trial and error. Self-education is key. Here is some recommended reading for industry professionals stepping into this arena.

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Other’s Don’t

Thinking, Fast and Slow

The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever

HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Managing People

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

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d&b audiotechnik - Trainings and Workshops

Whether it is the loudspeakers, electronics, hardware accessories, or software tools, from R&D, through to prototype production, testing and finally manufacturing, d&b products are one hundred percent made in Germany. The company constantly researches and invests in state of the art production processing tools, and has a highly engaged professional workforce that is regularly trained in the most current technologies and equipment. d&b audiotechnik offer a number of trainings and workshops in Germany, Spain, Japan and the United Kingdom.

The courses D&B Audiotechnik provide are:

d&b Basics

d&big Networkshop

d&product Workshop

d&b System Integration Toolbox Workshop

d&b IP and Dante Network Workshop

d&b Software and System Fundamentals Workshop

d&b Workflow Workshop

d&b J-Series and V-Series Workshop

d&b Line Array Workshop

d&b Remote Network Workshop

d&b Y-Series and T-Series Workshop


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Rational Acoustics - In Person Trainings

Rational Acoustics are the owners and developers of the world-renowned Smaart® Acoustic Test and Measurement Software.

Smaart is the most straightforward and widely used software for real-time sound system measurement, optimisation and control. For over 18 years it has garnered a loyal following from every corner of the audio industry. And on a daily basis it helps audio professional around the globe do their jobs better, faster and, of course, smarter. Rational Acoustics offer courses in numerous locations around the world.

Rational Acoustics offer the following courses:

Smaart Operator Fundamentals

Smaart Basics

Application Practicums

These courses are offered in numerous locations in USA, Europe, Australia, Africa and South America

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My Evolution

Expanding Your Job Search Abroad? Read These Resume Tips First!

It's time to update your resume for overseas jobs and internships. Read these 10 tips on how to write a great CV that will get you hired!

    1. Save your CV or resume as a PDF file.  Sending a Word or Pages file may seem “amateur” to many organizations.
    2. Save As “YOUR NAME.MONTH-YEAR”  Do not save the document under the file name “Resume”.  Someone may file it away haphazardly and you will never be found again. Ex: Joe Smith CV-March 2017.pdf
    3. If you are sending a cover letter, save the file using the same format as your CV: Joe Smith Cover Letter-March 2017.pdf  (Do not send a cover letter in the body of the application email).
    4. Add your country code to your phone number. You are sending your resume overseas, don’t make the future employer search for the country code to use to call you. Ex: +853 000 0000
    5. Be creative with your CV or resume format.  Most organizations do not expect to see standard business formatting like in the past, especially international companies.  Take the opportunity to highlight your personality and style.
    6. Proof it. Double check it. Get a friend to check it. Do not send a CV with spelling and grammatical errors and mistakes.
    7. Make yourself accessible. Provide multiple ways to communicate with you: Skype, WhatsApp, Email address, Phone number, Voxer. If companies contact you to ask for a time to chat, go to timeanddate.com – world meeting planner. Look up the employers time zone and your time zone and set aside dates and times that work for you, listing both time zones. 
    8. Add specific details. Rather than simply listing your past employment, expand on some of the last projects/shows/gigs that you have worked on and include your duties and responsibilities. Keep it short and precise. Overseas employers may not be familiar with the projects/shows/gigs you are referencing so make sure they understand what your role was within them.
    9. Colored Type or No? Many of my colleagues and I have debated about color on a CV. As someone who has scanned through hundreds of CV’s, I like color, I remember color. Don’t be afraid to use it but keep it simple and subtle.
    10. Watch your page length. Many employers prefer to see a CV or resume that is 1-2 pages only. 
  1.  Tips suggested by Anna Robb: Head of Stage Management – The House of Dancing Water – Macau, China

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Become a Rigger with accreditation - What's out there?

To become an accomplished Rigger requires both experience and training. Here are some ways to explore how to become a Rigger.

To become an accomplished Rigger requires both experience and training.

There are no countries except for Australia, who require you to have a certificate in Rigging prior to getting on the job. Given the risks associated with the job, it is the individual’s responsibility to gain the training, experience and knowledge to be confident in the practical application of their work.

Here are some training resources for you to consider:

USA – The Entertainment Technician Certification Program – Arena and Theatre Rigging Certifications

UK – Professional Lighting and Sound Association – National Rigging Certificate

UK – Professional Lighting and Sound Association – National Event Lifting Certificate

AUSTRALIA – Workplace Health & Safety – Rigger Licenses

AUSTRALIA – Workplace Health & Safety – Dogger (DG) Licenses

WORLDWIDE – Industrial Rope Access Trade Association



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The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP)

The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) is an industry-wide program that has brought together an unprecedented group of industry organizations, businesses and individuals to create a program of rigorous assessments for professional technicians. ETCP focuses on disciplines that directly affect the health and safety of crews, performers, and audiences.

ETCP offer the following courses and certification in the following areas:

  1. Rigger – Arena
  2. Rigger – Theatre
  3. Entertainment Electrician
  4. Portable Power Distribution Technician

You do not have to live in the USA to get access to these courses. ETCP provide ways for people around the world to gain this accreditation online and by providing exam centers in various locations, but you do have to pass the eligibility requirements and provide the relevant documentation to prove your readiness to undergo the course.

Click here to go to the ETCP Website

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