6th May 2021
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30 Second Elevator Speech

30 second elevator speech
By Elektra Yao

Oftentimes, artists are really afraid of approaching the business aspect of their work and of their being. But it’s so important. Even though art is highly conceptual and creative, it’s very important to approach your career in a structured, businesslike manner.

One really important tip for artists is the creation of the 30 Second Elevator Speech. This tool is a succinct and simple way to communicate what you do. Such a short speech should be able to communicate your mission, what you do, and also should be able to arouse interest in your career. Perfecting this tool also forces you to think about yourself in a way that is easy for people to understand.

A lot of the times artists are in their mind or in their own world. They don’t recognize that people who are outside of that world might not understand all of the terms associated with their particular industry. Terms such as upstage, downstage, and blocking are particular to the theatre industry. While depth of field, mise-en scene, aperture are terms used in the visual arts world. But those who aren’t in those industries won’t be familiar with those terms, so it’s important to also understand your audience and use the words that will speak to them.

If you develop a 30 Second Elevator Speech, you will differentiate yourself from the masses, because you will be able to communicate in less abstract terms about your artistry. You will be able to connect with people so that they know about what you create and what your artistry.

Challenge yourself and develop your 30 Second Elevator Speech. Practice in front of the mirror, give your speech to friends and family, practice everywhere.

Your goal is to ensure you are effectively communicating who you are and what your artistry is. A simple example could be: I’m an international performer whose goal is to produce experimental theater that explores the idea of self-love.

Whatever your message is, develop the language, perfect it, and be flexible enough to know that you will need to change it in different environments.

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