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A Moment With: Steve Saari

By Anna Robb

Steve, how did you get started in your career?

Started playing piano at the age of 4, but my first position in Show Business was as pianist for a travelling song and dance troupe that travelled throughout my home state of Wisconsin. My responsibilities in this troupe are what attracted me to the business.

What is the best role/job/gig have you done and why?

Vocal Director with Royal Caribbean Productions. This role came with responsibilities that were outside of my training – such as dealing with sound reinforcement, vocal EQ-ing, directing performance and presence onstage, etc.). I worked hard to learn about these, and in doing so, I really enlarged my perspective of onstage performance – and my solo performance, as well.

What was the worst task you were given when you were starting out?

In one gig, the Vocal Director was also in charge of the dancers’ shoes (sizing, distributing). Very strange and I’m glad to say that changed.

What do you think you are best at?

My piano skills.

What do other people think you are best at?

Piano and Organization would be my guess.

What advice would you give your 18-year old self?

Continue to take your craft seriously, but not yourself.

What is your job now?

Solo Pianist; Vocal Director