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A Poem, A Question.

By Katie Veneziano

I think all too often we tend to try and hide
We take words and misshape them, we don’t enjoy the ride
We try and rush through it all with eyes glued to a goal
But what if instead we stopped, and played with the coal?

They say to look for beauty in even the smallest things
The grass, the sky, the way in which the blue bird sings
Sometimes even those who are early for their time
Have the kind of hearts to connect yours to speak with your mind

But, rarely and if ever do we speak good of the bad
Sometimes if we’re daring, we uncover the blanket of the sad
Though the blanket is heavy, dark and old and black
It has its holes, it has its threads, and it has its slack

There are people out there who only preach only to prey
Who take the idea of loving all to help and pave their own way
But what if we didn’t lay our roads side by side to side,
What if instead we overlapped and shared the bumpy ride?

What if scorpions dripped pearls, though sharp and poisoned and small?
What if falling were a lesson on how to stand up tall?
What if snakes were more than their skin, like our brothers one and all?
What if scars were loved as battle wounds, a story of our life’s warrior call?

Take a moment to take a breath, and take one more for the road
The change we want to see in the world starts when we share the load
There are no small victories, there are no battles too petite
You’ll see all the beauty when you walk your neighbor’s street