17th May 2021
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Show Reel Of The Week: Acrobatic Dancer – David Santos

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Give us your elevator pitch of who you are, what you do and what your skill set is.

Hello, I’m David Santos. I am an Acro Dancer Generalist profile that combines classical dance techniques and modern with precision gymnastics movements and circus techniques. My career as an artist began in Brazil, where I started gymnastics training in Sao Paulo at the age of ten. Nine years and many competitions later, I earned a scholarship to study at the National Circus School in Rio de Janeiro, where I graduated with a degree in Circus Performance with a focus on the handstand, acrobatics, and contortion.

David Santos

I always knew I wanted an international experience, so I accepted a position with a circus company in France after graduation. I quickly realized that being an artist requires constantly challenging yourself. Trusted friends recommended I broaden my skills with a degree in the French tradition of Arts du Musical-Hall – a blend of circus, dance, singing, and comedy. This is when I developed my love of dance, completing my studies with a focus on modern jazz. My turning point came with an audition for Franco Dragone’s The House of Dancing Water in Macau – a production that demanded every skill I had developed to date – gymnastics, acrobatics, dance, performance, and most importantly – artistry.

David Santos

What is your ideal role?

My ideal role is any production that challenges me both as an artist and athlete. The House of Dancing Water and Palast Berlin “VIVID” have provided me the opportunity not only to develop my core skills but also to learn the business of the arts industry. The demands are not simply physical – they are intellectual, psychological, and social. I have developed an interest in creative direction, so an ideal role will afford me the chance to grow that skill set by working with world-class artistic directors, producers, and the many talented people it takes to make our industry thrive.

David Santos

Photo Credit: Tom Fairchild Photography


What should TheatreArtLife readers know about you?

I want TheatreArtLife readers to know that I believe one of the most important resources we have as an artist is the relationships we build with our colleagues day in and day out. We are all highly ambitious, demanding, and hardworking men and women, but we are also individuals, with personal strengths, weaknesses, fears, and challenges. Only when we are vulnerable and open with each other we can truly trust each other and allow passion to emerge in our work.

A top priority in every production I work is to build strong relationships with my colleagues that are built on foundation professionalism and respect – only then do you begin the exciting process of collaboration, creation, design, and the essence of what it takes to be an artist. Our work also places us under extreme physical stress, so we have to take care of ourselves. For me, this includes Pilates and yoga on top of our physical training and performances plus time to myself and a good full massage treatment at least once a month.

David Santos

Where do you find inspiration?

I like to listen to many different types of songs, do different types of classes and activities, and experience the daily joy and struggle as a human being.

Watching people around me that are constantly pushing themselves to grow as people and those who have a hard time getting where they need to be. I believe our life is a present, sometimes good, sometimes bad but always a gift for those who embrace the moment. Working together with people in personal projects, that inspires me and I constantly challenge myself to get out of my box.

What motivates you to keep performing/creating?

Since I was a little boy I was always fascinated by what the human body can do, and how empowered you look and feel when your body develops strengths. Keeping myself updated to my own peak condition and the new things that people create is what motivates me.

David Santos

Photo Credit: Louis Aslarona


Name your top 5 credits.

Palast Berlin – Vivid Grand Show – Featured acro dancer soloist and member of the ballet team
Dragone –The House of Dancing Water – Acro Dancer and Understudy for the role of Wabo (Contortionist)
La Flambee Productions – Tout un Monde – featured acro dancer and Handy bicycle
Two Gold Cup Awards at the 2015-2016 Concours Regional de Dance (France)
National Scholarship to the National Circus School of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

Photo Credit: Gerard Uferas


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