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Art Inspires Art: Imagined Past

Imagined Past
By Big Sexy

There are people in our lives who we seem very close to. Some we wish we were closer to than we are. And of course some who we wish weren’t THAT close. This poem is about the former. It explores how feelings can develop in the mind even when the opportunity for those never actually manifest themselves. Here is IMAGINED PAST


Looking back with fond ideology

I see you there

In the shadows, on the periphery

Just slightly in view

There but untouchable

Touchable but not intimately

Intimate in my mind

Held closely

Embraced with passion and comfortably

with Love and understanding

What I don’t understand is how

How did these arms not find you frequently

How did I let you slip through my radar

Was it a bad case of timing

Of finding ourselves with others

Unaware of each other

Living on assumptions instead of taking risks

I can only speak for myself when I speak of this

My assumptions of your sexuality

Of who you desired and how I matched up comparatively

I look nothing like the others I would often see

Hold your attention and thought that we

Didn’t hold much in common

Until recently

I find this beautiful mind inside this amazing woman

A discovery long overdue

Not so different we

Except now we are committed significantly

Somehow my mind melds our past with current reality

So I’m often surprised as I repeatedly realize that we

Weren’t as close as we would’ve liked to be

Yet when I see you it feels as if we

Were romantically intimate

A past that wasn’t there except in personal fantasy

And man, did we…

But happily a friendship built through distance and admittedly

It is so much better this way

Because you let me

See you vividly

Vulnerable emotionally

And I share with you thoughts that are candidly

Personal because personally

You mean a lot to me

And so does our relationship as friends that see

Each other every so often and that’s when we

Hug each other

Embrace with passion and comfortably

with Love and understanding

Two creative hearts bonding through creativity

I hope I inspire you as much as you inspire me

Just know my dear friend that I solemnly

Swear to be there for you continually

As long as you will have me

We will be friends eternally

And our future will definitely be

More tangible at last

Than our imagined past

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