12th June 2021
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CAP: College Audition Project

college audition project
By College Audition Project

The college audition process has become a crazy, highly competitive world over the last 10 years. We have been tracking the changes and demands that this process puts on young BA and BFA hopefuls for the last several years. Working closely, with not only our students but with the colleges themselves, we have heard about the challenges and headaches that face all sides. For parents this process can feel like a full-time job, for the students it can feel like the demands are never ending, for the schools they want the best candidates possible to audition for their programs. That is precisely where CAP comes in, to not only help students and parents through the process but also connect them with amazing colleges and universities around the world.

So, what exactly is the College Audition Project?

Well, to answer the question, we first need to explain “Who” is CAP. CAP is powered by 4 separate businesses that each have years of experience in the college audition arena. The four individual companies that power CAP are: D.C.C.A.P (Dave Clemmons College Advisory Program), CEM Music Studio, MJE Acting Studio and The Performer’s Warehouse. We all met several years ago while working as a part of the GPS: College Audition program at The Performer’s Warehouse.

Through working together and separately we began seeing the need for something more to help parents and students, so we started building the framework for CAP. Living in different states and having demanding schedules it was hard for us to find time to be in one place. We bounced around with the idea for writing a book or developing an app, but we knew that neither of those options really gave our clients everything they needed. However, we still yearned to combine our years of expertise and experience to help students and parents around the world. So, the only solution we could find was a fully functioning website that housed not only the information needed but the tools necessary to guide each student and parent through the process.

The best part is with CAP, it doesn’t matter where you live because you can access our team virtually though the website or through online lessons and consultations with the individual team members themselves.

Now that you know “Who” CAP is we can now tackle the “What” is CAP. While that question seems like an easy one, there are in fact many working parts that make up CAP. First and foremost, CAP is a website and online tool that will navigate students and parents through the college audition process from start to finish. The thing that we are the most excited about is the Navigator. The Navigator is your guide through the process, with the Navigator you can select schools from our database (we have over 100 schools and will add more as we become familiar with the programs or by request).

Each school will have its own page and essential information about each program, we are taking the guesswork out for you, no more having to scan through each college’s website to find the information. Everything will be accessible for you from that college’s page on our site. From there you can add schools to your Navigator and it will be stored there in your Agenda. The Navigator will track your deadlines for things like applications, prescreens and auditions and send you (and any parents or coaches you want) reminders so you stay on track! Another part of the Navigator also allows you to store links to your media (i.e prescreen videos and headshots) so our team can review and give you feedback. So, if the Navigator alone does not excite you then wait until you hear what else the CAP website provides.

By becoming a part of CAP you will also have access to invaluable information from our industry professionals about every part of the college audition process.

Just a few of the menu selections are: Selecting Colleges, Applying to Colleges, Knowing Your Type, Prescreens, Audition Material, Scheduling Auditions, Thank You Notes, Making a Decision and SO much more! With your CAP memberships you will have access to all of the information and the Navigator for one year. CAP does offer 3 different membership plans as well as a plethora of a-la-carte consultations. So, what consultations does CAP offer? Like we have said before, the CAP team is made up of professionals that can help you with everything from essay writing, prescreen coaching, private acting and voice lessons, repertoire coaching, school selections and more. You name it and we have someone on our team or network of professionals that can help you!

So, we guess you could say that CAP is your one stop shop for all of your college audition needs. You can use CAP to take care of your process from top to bottom or just fill in the blanks where you need some extra help. So, stop by our website www.collegeauditionproject.com and see what we have to offer and hear what alumni, parents and colleges have to say about CAP. We look forward to working with our 2018-2019 students and parents and being a part of your journey!

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