21st June 2021
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Family Welcome Poem: Las Vegas Reunion

By Big Sexy

In 2016, I was part of our family reunion committee and wrote this poem to welcome my family to Las Vegas. The event was a success and this poem, I felt at least, set the tone for the fun had by all.


F is for Family from near and far

Some by planes and some by car

To gather together for celebration

A is for All of us assembling tonight.

To laugh, to learn, to eat, good food, right?

To remember the ones who have gone before us

In thoughts and prayers, a united chorus.

M is for, M is for……Umm….Hmmm

M is for Maybe these letter by letter poems don’t truly convey

The necessary feelings that come from these events

They are cute and they rhyme but does the time taken

To shape and form cohesive ideals of the family unit

The distances traveled, the time, energy and effort to bring together

All these people from all over this country

Into one location, truly convey the feeling of this momentous celebration?

If I continue with the tradition, my next letter in this rendition is I

But that is a selfish letter and there is no way


Did this by myself


Had help


Had support and


Am part of an incredible committee so the letter should be


Who have contributed

That have distributed their limited resources

To be sure this reunion is memorable

Or at least your wishes and expectations for this celebration

Are close to being met and a time you never forget

And welcome to the L in my list

Welcome to Las Vegas

The city of dreams, though that’s not our nickname

The city that never sleeps, though still not our nickname

Sin city

Are there it is.

Where anything is possible

Where the lights don’t run on the wallets of winners

But has delicious dinners and whether experienced or beginner

Your pocketbook can get fatter or thinner

Does that matter at this dinner?

You are family and we care

So do not get crazy out there

You have been warned

And you have been warmed cause Vegas is hot.

In the summer we meet, but you know

It is a dry heat and that brings me to Y

You. You are family

You are born into a loving, broken, cohesive, stressful, nurturing, frustrating, supportive entity

That is you and me. You and I. That is Y.

And that is why this night is so important

Why you traveled so far

Why you hopped in your car

Jumped on that plane

Came all this way

Booked your stay and are here today


Hey. That also starts with a Y

Welcome Family

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