6th May 2021
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Working Backstage: For The LOVE Of

Working Backstage
By Jonelle DeBlanc

Remember the first day of school, all the feels? Excited to see old friends and start something new. Nervous energy as to what challenges lay ahead. Curious of the lessons in store and who we would be so lucky to receive those lessons from. Same goes for any new job to some degree or another.

Sadly, only a moderate margin of today’s workforce “likes” their job. Perhaps an even slimmer percentage would say they truly love what they do. I could go even further and say the luckiest few will attest to enjoying the trifecta, holy trinity of workplace harmony… Love our jobs, love who we have the deep pleasure of working with every single day, and love the contribution we feel we make no matter how seemingly small or large.

It’s no secret that I’ve moved cities once again to do what I love with the people I love to do it with. I already know I will cherish this project and create memories for a lifetime as we do. This one has been on my radar for 3 years now and is in a city that has been a dream of mine from a rather young and impressionable age. Dubai. The land of well, everything and anything. If you can dream it, then it’s likely a thing here. However, that’s not why I came.

It’s the humans. The amazingly talented, fully giving of themselves, blood, sweat, shouting, and tear having humans that make the heart of this theatre beat so strong.

Choosing to move whether it be “home” again or to become resident of another country and all that entails, it’s never an easy choice. You weigh it all out. You come up with all the reasons to stay, ways to stay. List the reasons to accept such a move and position. What do you want to accomplish, reasons for going, what difference will you make? Passion and purpose always win for me. Every, single, time. I’ve found in life if we can find our passion, live and work with purpose, then more kindness can flow. Who doesn’t want to experience a little more kindness in their day, right? It’s lovely you must admit. Not just my esoteric way of living I promise. Seriously.

My true happiness and way I really thrive in life is growing and giving. Growing and giving presented itself to me via a beloved mentor at just the right moment in my life. That’s just it, you give even when you feel have no more or just cannot find the strength.

The secret to living is giving. The secret to living is giving. It’s a good one. It works.

Growing. Always be growing. Call it a little personal housekeeping if you like. We all have interests, dreams, those “I wish I would-have could-have should-haves. Pick one and start it. You even find ways to grow when you feel you’ve reached the end. It works. Raises your energy to a higher vibration.

I’m unfathomably grateful for where I am today and for those who’ve taught me the lessons that brought me here. This deep love I have for the life I lead, the jobs I have and the people I’m with can never be replaced. Honestly, it’s due time I wrote a letter to my younger self and told her a couple things. -You don’t know half as much as you think you do so please calm down. –And it gets so, so much better.

Graciously awaiting the lessons and adventures of the next 10, 15, 20 years and beyond.

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