16th June 2021
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Friends Since Six by Paul Watson

Lincoln Hudson
By Lincoln Hudson

Lincoln Hudson and I were friends from the age of six when I moved to the small United Kingdom town of Ware and started attending Christ Church School.

As a child Lincoln had a great love of James Bond films, he owned all the novels and I can remember going to see the film Moonraker with him and his older brother Justin. As teenagers, we went to different schools but remained very close due to the fact that we both went to the local Church with our parents and therefore we were part a group of young people who’s parents were Churchgoers. My parent’s attitude was that if you are living under their roof you would attend the church. I think that was probably the deal with a lot of the other young people at the time.

We also attended the Air Training Core. Lincoln persuaded me to go along. He also tried to talk me into joining the local boxing club but I was never really keen on the idea of paying £3.00 for someone to hit me.

In our late teens, we discovered beer and would go around the pubs in the town on a Friday night trying, and usually failing miserably, to chat up girls.  We started making our own amateur films in the late 1980’s. We would hire a video camera from a local shop for a weekend and get all our friends together and film some James Bond epic or a horror movie. I can remember having to stay up all night on a Sunday to edit these masterpieces and then returning the camera to the shop on a Monday. I still have some of these films and in later life, I would remind Lincoln of them much to his embarrassment.

We had a shared love of the British 1960’s comedian Tony Hancock. I know that Lincoln attended a number of events with the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society and also appeared in a play about Hancock.

I would encourage any of Lincoln’s friends to search out Hancock’s Half Hour. Hancock was Lincoln’s comic hero.

Lincoln went off to drama college in London in 1989, I kept in touch with him and visited him on a few occasions. He was so devoted to his calling as an actor. I can remember at one time visiting him and he was living in a tiny box room sleeping on a camp bed surrounded by the junk that his friend stored in there. I always admired Lincoln for the fact that he went off and followed his dreams. He was determined to be an actor and he succeeded. I had chatted with Lincoln just before he left for the United States a few weeks ago and he had asked me to keep in touch with him whilst he was away and we would meet up in the UK next time he was here. I was so sad to hear the news of his passing and will miss my good friend.

Paul Watson

Tribute by Paul Watson



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