12th June 2021
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Maintaining Your Health In Entertainment

Health In Entertainment
By Marisa Randles

It is difficult for the everyday person to feel motivated to adopt healthy eating as a lifestyle choice and to not just follow some fad diet, as it can be all too easy to fall into traps of modern society. It’s especially more difficult if you live on your own, and are cooking only for yourself. Succumbing to convenience over health. Following false myths that the advertising and large corporations have led us to believe.

However, it is even more important that people who use their bodies as their profession, honor their temple and fuel it with clean energy.  This will keep you healthy, make you less prone to injuries, and also give you instant sources of energy without the crash. After all you’re your body is the most important tool in your job. Whether you are a performer: a dancer, an acrobat, a contortionist, an actor… or if you work on the technical side of shows and are constantly doing heavy lifting, on your feet for long hours, and enduring the stress and intense workloads of demanding show environments: eating healthy is more important than ever.

As an ex-synchronized swimmer turned yoga instructor, I began to develop a deep interest in this concept both through personal experience and through those around me, whether in competition or in shows, and how diets affected performance levels, injury rates, recovery rates, and general moods.

I always found it bewildering the number of performers whom were heavy chain smokers, heavily exerting their lungs and bodies on stage yet causing irreversible damage off stage.

Likewise, in a less visible and noticeable sense, the number of performers who live off fast-food meals and junk food snacks can be quite surprising, that out of most people in this world, wouldn’t performers and high performance athletes be the ones, out of anyone, to especially treat their bodies like a temple and only put the best things inside?

These also tend to be the people with very little time, who are seeking a quick energy fix and are looking for quick performance or weight-based results. The answer is not a quick solution, but a long-term change in how you think, how you eat, and your lifestyle habits.

In 2014, we founded the Blissful Carrot Vegetarian takeaway cafe, nestled in the small historic fishing village of Macau. Mainly, it was inspired by hunger, not only our own but largely inspired to fuel the hunger of the many world renowned athletes, acrobats, dancers and crew members that came to Macau for Franco Dragone’s The House of Dancing Water theatre spectacle at City of Dreams, in addition to the rest of the community whom were craving fresh, clean food with transparency in ingredients.

Over the years Blissful Carrot has become the exclusive location for people looking for juice detoxes, vegan/vegetarian & raw dietary counselling, and has catered to making specialized dietary plans for folks from all walks of life. We have witnessed dozens of athletes over the years choose to adopt vegan & vegetarian diets, noticing that they have more energy training and on stage, and can overall feel better about the choices they are making, and also knowing that it does not have a negative effect on their physique or muscle mass. In fact, it is usually the opposite.

We are excited to be part of this new project, TheatreArtLife! Sometimes it is overwhelming to know where to start making any changes, so we are here to help make it easy for you to either continue your healthy lifestyle or to know even where to start.   The biggest antagonist of becoming healthy and happy is often: time. So often we reach for what is convenient, which is all too often packaged, fast, frozen, and full of chemical additives.

We will be drawing a variety of knowledge from our upcoming book, Carrot Confessions, including tips, recipes, and how-to’s so you can prep for yourself at home, on the go, or at work… and why/how you can eat and live with conscious intention!

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