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Celebrating International Stage Manager Day 2017

International Stage Manager day
By Ashley Sutherland

October 10, 2017 is International Stage Manager Day, a day to celebrate the people working in stage management around the globe .  The United Kingdom’s Stage Management Association began the annual event in 2013 and since then has become a world-wide event honoring those that work in the field.  Theatre professionals around the globe will be using the hashtag #StageMgrs17 to share their celebrations and TheatreArtLife will be joining in the fun as well.

We salute the Stage Managers in productions around the world and celebrate our TheatreArtLife Stage Management contributors  Anna Robb,  Chelsea & Theresa Adams, Erika MoreyGabriel Dubé-Dupuis, Gareth SmithGregory Donhardt, Madison Burkett, Justin MabardiGregory Donhardt, Tony Yamashiro, and Mary Barnett.

Thank you for all that you do on a daily basis to keep our shows, events, and theatrical chaos together!

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Featured Photo: Chelsea Patrea, Senior Stage Manager, The House of Dancing Water, Macau, China

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