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It Just Is

By Gillian Abbott

Editors Note: Gillian Abbott expresses in this creative piece, her connection to the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit does not push, it just is.

We begin with our eyes down, looking into our own souls. There we see the baggage we carry. Gently we empty out the attic, one box at a time, as though we were spring-cleaning. It can be dark in there – wet, muddy, and potent. We will spend a lifetime revisiting it.

When we’re ready enough, or we’re simply urged to, we lift our eyes. Not as high as one might think. Altogether with ourselves, yet letting the world touch us. Face to face with another sentient being or object. Seeing the world from ourselves. Hearing the world from ourselves. Feeling the world from ourselves. It can be scary. Sometimes we’re not ready but we learn how to sit in that fear. Eventually, we find peace in this place. If only for an instant.

We then lift our eyes to the holiest height. From there we feel our cells percolate – discovering that this simple, humble, yet magnificent place is where we’ll change the world. THIS is where necessity is found. This is where noble art is created. This is where pure love is felt. This is where compassion grows. This is where we are weightless and free. This is where you become me.

The Holy Spirit does not push. It just is.