17th May 2021
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There Is Never Nothing Going On

There is never nothing going on
By Barbara Dalle Pezze

How many times have we had the experience of wanting something and not getting it, or really wishing for something to happen and …no, not happening?

This has happened to me a lot, and I used to be very disappointed because of this. My self-talk would be something like “How can it be? I desire something so badly and nothing happens?! I am a so proactive, and creative… how come nothing happens ? People say ‘keep going, don’t give up! Many give up, few continue and succeed. Be the one who succeeds!’ – why continue, if nothing happens nor shows up?!”

After exhausting myself with those sort of questions, being resilient and not wanting to give up, I would pick myself up from the disappointment and would start taking action again, until those empty and stalling moments would show up again…

In those moments it feels like being in a desert. Nobody passes by. You can turn left and right, nobody is there. No human beings, no other creatures. Only sand, heat, sun.

Only silence and stillness are around, and the mind, restlessly longing for meaningful, new, transforming events to occur, has nothing to do but surrender and accept that right now nobody is passing by, and clearly, nothing is going on.

If from this perspective “nothing” seems to actually happen, from a different perspective which is beyond yourself, things are very different.

Since we live in an ecosystem and not in isolation, there is not a moment in which there is nothing going on.

On the contrary, there is always something happening. The difference is made by our ability to be aware of it and experience it. How do we do that?

Well, my suggestion is to remain constantly open to surprises!

If you pay enough attention and look closer, there is never nothing going on.

Something is always happening, whether we can see that or not, and the great part of this is that what is happening, is always impacting our life.

Let me give you an example.

Those who know me know I love the moon, as it teaches me so much. As usual this morning I was doing my early morning walk – I love saluting the moon before sunrise, she always leaves me with an inspiration, and this morning it happened again!

The moon was showing off her silhouette “C” in the night sky. It was the “waning crescent” phase of the moon, which is when the moon has a “smaller part of its visible surface illuminated so that it appears to decrease in size.” It is the last phase of the moon cycle. At this point, the moon continues to shrink until it becomes invisible, and that is when we name it the “new moon.” The new moon is invisible to our eyes; it is fully there and yet invisible.

I find this fascinating and it makes me wonder…When we feel and think that nothing is going on in our life, nothing is happening as events don’t seem to occur, is it possible that we are living a “new moon” phase in our life? Events invisible to the eyes, and yet there fully happening?

Is it possible that things, events, people are not currently visible into our life or experiences, but since there is never nothing going on, and always something happening that touches our life and exist even if we don’t see it, is it still possible that everything is on its way into our lives, and things, events, people, will just simply appear when the right phase is mature?

Do not be discouraged when stillness is there, when silence and no events seem to happen.

When you feel like you are in a corner or in a desert-like experience, and nothing happens and nobody shows up, trust in life because there is never nothing going on. You might just be in your new moon phase and surprises are just a shift away.


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