16th June 2021
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Poetry On The Road: Home

By Lily Flash

Travelling across the country on national Broadway tours can bring perspective and reflection on life, love, work, family and everything in between.  Poetry On The Road is a selection of works written about these areas of life.


I wish I could feel you next to me,

Morning, night, in my bed.

I want you in my life, my arms,

my heart, forever in my head.


Lost, as always, in your earthy eyes

Scarred deep, you’re not yet free

Blood coursing faster now

Stay here, just lay with me.


Transitions and time seem to threaten our ties

Two years? It cannot be.

Slowly memories fly away

Two weeks back to NYC


Trusting dreams of a future, sought

Leaves little to sink my teeth

Fanciful thoughts of man and wife

A facade already bequeathed. 


Give us a chance, a second go.

Keep knocking on this door.

Seems like everything I’ve said just now

I know has been spoken before.


Salted tears and saturated silence 

filling the spaces between

She stands in my place, just a beautiful face?

Such envy, Am I turning green?


Endless efforts to not lose touch 

Could this all be in vain

If you took my hand in yours,

Might we feel the same old pain?


Our lasting connection, surreal but strong

What is it that we’ll do

When this heart, broken, has to open

But what if not for you?


Reminding myself but resist to accept

The uncertainty of one’s fate.

If we keep waiting tomorrow’s tomorrow

Might it all be just too late?


Exploring the world, hopes and dreams come true, Are all what I wish to see

If someday soon,

Together! I’d surely swoon

Won’t you make your way home to me.


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