18th May 2021
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Poetry On The Road: Tulum

By Lily Flash

Travelling across the country on national Broadway tours can bring perspective and reflection on life, love, work, family and everything in between.  Poetry On The Road is a selection of works written about these areas of life.


Floating away but my tears drop so heavy

I flew over your refuge

I saw it clearly like what, in the silence, I didn’t say:

Goodbye, you deserve better, happy birthday, I’ll miss you.

I love you. 

6:27 am the sun was rising.

It was beautiful, and blue


I take all of my heart with me

I picked it up, off the shelf and decided 

To hold it in my hands to make it whole 

To give to another, are you out there?

Free of confusion and indecision 


Fusing closed all windows, cracks and doors

Before anger and sadness infect the memories 

The new ones, all rancid. 

Maybe now I’ll breathe new, clear ideas

Of what the future could be

Clean of mud mashed with mistakes and misconceptions


No longer waiting, hiding in your pocket, stale


How I wish I could be cured of this longing


Trapped between your magnetized fingers

‘One of a kind’

Living in your world that our love can’t find

When we’re free there will be peace


No more to hope

No more to give

No more to need

This is closure

No more ties

No more lies

Fucking hell

No more pleads and cries


Final tears have been shed

A mile above the Sierra rock and salt bed

Letting this go, no you won’t be my foe

Please stay away, not one more blow

Romantic tragedy: more than just you and me

You refuse to make a choice, what’s best for all three


May happiness find you 

May you find your head

Expiration date 

There’s a flat line, it’s dead.

Three years have passed by

Seven years I have known you

‘Yeah, but – ‘ I still love you

Yes, and I’ll always love you


But the time is here. It’s now. No more.



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