16th April 2021
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Show Reel Of The Week: Creator & Educator – Dante Puleio

By Show Reel Of The Week
Give us your elevator pitch of who you are, what you do and what your skill set is.

I am a creator and educator. My aim is to understand who you are by how you move and unearth internal obstacles to allow for personal artistic growth.

What is your ideal role?

My ideal role is to re-stage masterpieces from the modern dance era and use them as inspiration to create new works that speak to and include today’s socio-political landscape. I am interested in demonstrating the universality of the human condition through time, thereby building connections between the past, present and future.

Name your top 5 credits.
  • Limón Dance Company
  • The Who’s Tommy International Tour
  • Your Mama Don’t Dance
  • Restaging Josè Limón’s There is a Time paired with my choreographic response, Ecclesiastes 3
  • The Persistence of Time
What should TheatreArtLife readers know about you?

Some days I’m exactly who I’ve always wanted to be and some days I am not.

Where do you find inspiration?

The dirt under my fingernails, an image in a magazine, a line in a book, the corner of a painting, a scene from something on TV, a friend’s advice, war, poverty, Love, celebration, drugs, sobriety, broken hearts, abandoned buildings, Bloody Mary’s, sex, imagination, music, arguments, hikes with my dog.

What motivates you to continue performing/creating?

I have no other choice.

How do we follow you on social media and contact you?
Dante’s Showreel:

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