6th May 2021
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Starting Over In A New City: Part 2

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By Michelle J. Evans

For the last week I have stared at a computer screen with the lyrics “Who am I anyway, am I my resume” playing on repeat in my head. This iconic musical theatre song has always been a favorite of mine because it spoke so much truth and now it is ringing truer than ever. As I clean up my resume and work on my cover letter I am anxious that this one-page document is supposed to capture the depth of my career experience and tell any future employer everything I have done and am capable of doing.

I can’t help but wonder why can’t we just skip straight to the interview? I wish applying for jobs were more like auditions, you get your audition date and time and you go in and show them what you have. They might not think you are the right fit but at least you got the opportunity to show them all you can do.

As artists, we never know where or when our next paying job might come along or if it will be a long-term position or just a temporary free-lance gig.

And it is because of the uncertainty of this entire process that I have taken measures to put a bit of the control back in my hands. A few years ago, I started my own company, MJE Acting Studio, where I offer my services as a private acting and college audition coach via in-person and online lessons. I have also teamed up with some friends and colleges to start CAP: College Audition Project which is all online as well. So, no matter what my zip code may be I know that I have some percentage of income coming in each month. I envy my friends that can float free on the wind and let each experience just wash over them with ease. I wish I could put my control freak tendencies to the side and just “see” what happens. However, this move is forcing me out of my comfort zones and making me deal with my control issues first hand.

Who knows what the future holds for me or what exact titles or position I may or may not hold in my new city.

What I do know is that in 2 weeks this long-awaited move will be over, and I will be standing in front of this new chapter of my life, ready to turn the first page. Hopefully, by then I will have a few interviews on the calendar. And if not, I will take a big deep breath and know that something is always waiting around the corner or maybe, who knows, I will create a new venture for myself!
In the end I am trusting the process while my family takes this huge leap of faith; it’s kind of scary at times but invigorating as well. Predictability can sometimes dampen our artistic voice, so here I go taking a bold step into the unknown.

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