18th May 2021
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The Moon Speech: You Belong To More Than You See

moon speech
By Barbara Dalle Pezze

Great things have happened in my life. Great opportunities have presented themselves in front of my eyes. They were dressed in many different ways. They looked like painful events, unclear circumstances, facts that did not make sense, lucky occasions, wonderful encounters, loving people around me, and even bitter individuals crossing my path.

My life has always been a cutting-edge gym, with the most innovative machines that would help me practice and strengthen those muscles that a life of excellence needs to thrive: resilience, courage, humility and compassion.

And now think about the moon for a moment. So many poets and artists have celebrated the moon for its beauty.  And yet, if you pay attention, the moon keeps sending out her message, strong and clear.

The moon and its incredible beauty speaks of the immensity that life is.

Let me explain.

It is a fact that the moon does not fall on the earth. It does not fall on us when we romantically look at her at night, enchanted by her beauty, living and feeling our dreams under her beam. The moon remains there, carved in the night sky, a wonderful shiny planet that we know will always be there.

But that the moon does not fall on the earth is not nothing. Something is always happening so that the moon does not fall on earth.

There is a living force that prevents the moon from falling onto the earth, actually this power, this energy, this force is a symphony of forces that keeps all planets and stars in their reciprocal equilibrium.

There is a dimension that is so much bigger, more powerful, and more ancient than we are, that is constantly and always at work whilst we are trying to figure out how to handle our life and thrive in it.

When we look at the moon, all of this is happening already, we participate in it, every seconds of our life, always.

When I look at the moon I am always amazed by her speech, as she says:

“You belong to much more than you see. You belong to much more that you imagine. You are part of a much bigger mystery than the one you can think of and the one you yourself also are. And that is why you need to trust that there is beauty and opportunities and amazing surprises beyond your wildest imagination. You are indeed an amazing and shining pearl in the universe, but you are also a tiny tiny pearl of an incredible ‘royal family’ which is the universe and all the forces that are harmoniously interacting and actively maintaining each other alive.”

And when the moon so speaks, I feel the immensity and the power of a life that I am privileged to be part of and that I want to fully live and contribute to.

I feel also humbled and honored by her reminder. I am a tiny little part of a powerful symphony, but I am indeed part of it, I am indeed an harmonious composition of forces myself, and I contribute with who I am to create a powerful world of opportunities and possibilities, together with the people and circumstances that happen around me.

Next time you’ll look at the moon, pay attention and listen to her speech. You’ll experience yourself and your life in a very different way.


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