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Theatre Is Not Dead: She Moved!

Theatre is not dead
By Katlego Chale

Out of the limelight

Out of the mainstream

Out of the reach of deep-bellied fiends

That have all but made her bleed with grief

And robbed her of peace

She fled into the streets

Where spirits of Greece and Afuraka meet

And bow down as they greet

And embrace with searing passionate heat

She fled to reminisce about the simple days old

Before death by economy and polity

Before defeat by oppression and slavery

And on what should have been

The night of her final fading cry

We hear an enchanting melody rise

In a space where people feel alive

Allowed to speak aloud

And breathe a life

And be at large

A space where she exists

Without the fear of sabotage

It is here that spirits frolic

And teach the kids of relics past

It is here that warring heads

Put down their fists and raise a glass

It is here that young and old alike

Indulge in glorious play

It is here that every faith and creed

Congregates to pray

How could theatre breathe

If she could not hold space her way?

Her former captors lose their minds

And mourn the wretched shame…

“Theatre is dead.

Oh Theatre is dead!

She’s fallen far from grace,

With nothing left to take her place.

We will surely make her pay.

We’ll make her rue the day she fled

And found new lands to stay.

We’ll hunt her down,

Mark our words:

For-ever and a day”

The promise of sheep in wolf skin

An army of cowardly citizens

Holding on to dead ideals

With crumbling hands

That have started to peel

Their eyes betray them too

They cannot see their incumbent fate

That theatre is not dead

She has finally moved to take her place!



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