16th June 2021
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Three Diets – One Goal: The Vegan, Vegetarian & Omnivore

three diets
By Guest Contributor

Charlie’s Angels; Flora, Fauna & Merryweather; Snap, Crackle, Pop…

As the oldest child of a sisterly trio, I’ve always felt that we three siblings complete one another in ways difficult to articulate outside of a “complete-each other’s-sentence” familial conversation. The phenomenon is akin to a three-part harmony: every line of music complimenting the other, and when one component is missing, there is a noticeable and distinct gap. When blended: it all just…flows.

eat healthy

Now, as sisters we may share many things: multiple business partnerships, special projects, shared interests, etc. An area of life we are all passionate about is health and how we can optimize our health every day through our food and lifestyle choices.

What that means is, we are consistently & diligently pursuing how we can be the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves in our own unique ways.

Enter the vegan, the vegetarian, and the omnivore. Three completely different eating habits but one common goal: Health!

Side note: Let’s take a pause here to acknowledge our tolerant and ever-gracious mother for accommodating all of her children at holiday meals! We are a handful!)

What we’ve learned is that there are a variety of different ways of achieving the same end-goal. The “how-to” is based around many factors: household dynamics, allergies/sensitivities, personal identities, ideologies and so much more.

eat healthy

Let’s take a look at the similarities first, before assessing our differences…

Health Indicator #1: Metrics

When is comes to hard stats…

We are all within the ideal weight range and body fat percentage for our height, age, gender etc. #StraightFact

Health Indicator #2: Energy!

We all have amazing ENERGY and move our bodies every single day.

While we all enjoy different physical activities: {Julie – Walking, Yoga, Kettle Bell & Ballet; Elisa – Spinning, Running, Cirque & Weights; Samantha – Competitive Body Building, Cardio (all kinds), & Cirque}. We MOVE daily no matter how hectic our work and home responsibilities may be.

Health Indicator #3: Joy!

We all LOVE what we are doing and have a healthy orientation around doing things that work for our own bodies, taking care not to compare ourselves to each other nor to others. As Gen Ys (yes, we are loud and proud 80’s babies!), naturally we are at the age where we have injuries and clear delineations in what is optimal & sub-optimal for our own physical well-being.

Now let’s take a moment to look at the “hows” because they are drastically different for us all!

three diets

The Vegan Lifestyle

I, and my husband Nikola decided five years ago that we would transition to veganism for a number of reasons: for the planet, for animals, and for our own well-being. We had, for years prior, been educating ourselves on the environmental impact the traditional North American diet has in the world and at some point, we decided that our actions needed to be in alignment with our values. Additionally, we learned that Nik has a cholesterol sensitivity which has helped inform our grocery list! We are committed to being whole-plant-based, not the junk-food vegans, who have recently taken pop-culture by storm (Fun Fact: A vegan doughnut is still not a healthy choice – just like the traditional kind!)

The Vegetarian Lifestyle

Elisa is the middle child and therefore fittingly the middle-of-the-road eater. Growing up Elisa was afflicted with a severe gluten and lactose intolerances. After extensive research and a commitment to naturopathic remedies, Elisa has found that vegetarianism suits her body & family lifestyle best. As a mom of three littles, Elisa’s household food includes: eggs, legumes, whole grains, veggies, fruits of all kinds, oats, nut butters, occasionally fish, and much more. This combination is ideal for her body and home circumstances.

The Omnivore Lifestyle

Samantha is the youngest sister and the one that has stayed closest to our traditional Italian upbringing, consuming food from a variety of different sources. Sammy loves meat, eggs, veggies, grains, fruits, and a variety of cultural dishes from our childhood. She and her husband Sheldon love an occasional fun night out at The Keg and enjoy hitting the gym together & walking their big pups: Clarence and Ally.

Notice the use of the word “lifestyle.”

three diets

Whatever you choose as your ideal “how to” make sure it is a holistic and mindful LIFE-style. Crash diets don’t work, celery juice diets are not remotely workable for the average person, and really, when it comes to looking and feeling our best, the only straight and true path is the one that is sustainable & that works for YOU.

As event & entertainment professionals our business DEPENDS on our health and well-being. When illness, injury, and strife appear (and they surely will!) we owe it to ourselves and everyone around us to be as optimal as possible.

Julie, Elisa, and Samantha are Co-Founders of A2D2 ~ Aerial Dance Cirque Co, Cirque Centre Inc, Perform and Prosper Inc, and proud Independent Consultants with Arbonne International.


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