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Tiddlypops by Deborah Wibberley

By Lincoln Hudson

Lincoln Hudson and I met in Les Miserables. I was 18 and Lincoln was 30. We always had chats backstage where Lincoln took me under his wing. He always listened and gave me fab advice. He was always right.  

Over the years Lincoln became one of my best friends, we supported each other and made sure we were we always there for each other.  From the messages and chats to the meeting up, somehow Lincoln always knew what greasy-spoon cafes we could eat at, I will miss it all.

We were planning to meet in New York. His last message to me was that I was a super mum and that we’d always be best best buddies and he would always be there.

Mine to him ‘I love you Linky, you’re so wonderful’. My heart breaks but I promise you will always be in my heart and thoughts. I will always keep you alive in our memories; I feel so blessed that we met.  Until we met again, and in your words ‘tiddlypops’. Thank you for making me smile and being a fabulous person, actor, writer and best friend, you were one in a trillion x


Tribute by Deborah Wibberley