16th June 2021
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Women in the Entertainment Industry: Gioia De Cari

Gioia De Cari
By Guest Contributor

We are asking women in the entertainment industry around the world some key questions about their life and career. Here is Gioia De Cari based in New York.

1. In which part of the industry do you work?

Writer/Performer/Producer (Theater/Music).

2. Have you drawn professional inspiration from other women in the entertainment industry? How have they inspired you?

I’ve been profoundly inspired by several artists working in similar genres to mine (Anna Deveare Smith, Deb Margolin, Audra McDonald). They light the path forward.

3. What would you tell young women who are just starting out? What would you like them to know?

Please don’t think you must be perfect before forging ahead in this career. Show up every day and create from where you are right now.

4. What is the best piece of career advice you have ever received?

Cultivate objectivity about your work.

5. Please share one of your toughest challenges in your career. How did you overcome?

The pandemic has been one of the toughest challenges! Our classical music ensemble responded by making our most creative music videos to date.

6. What is your favorite musical or play?


7. What is your morning routine?

I visualize every morning before beginning work.

8. Drink of Choice?

I make a great cappuccino at home!

9. What is a phrase you are known for saying?

People seem to like this line from my popular play “Truth Values”: “There is an exquisite artistry to a mathematical proof. It’s a thought sculpture built from the poetry of pattern.”

10. What advice would you give to other women in the industry?

Don’t think you have to be perfect before you start. Show up and create every day from where you are right now.

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