16th April 2021
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Women in the Entertainment Industry: Janine Diaz

Janine Diaz
By Guest Contributor

We are asking women in the entertainment industry around the world some key questions about their life and career. Here is Janine Diaz based in Schererville, Indiana, U.S.

1. In which part of the industry do you work?

I’m a Music Industry Wellness Advocate and Health Coach. I am the creator and host of The Tour Life Podcast and The #Thriving Podcast where I speak with music industry touring professionals about living happier and healthier lives on and off the road. Through my podcasts and private practice, I strive to amplify the often-unheard voices of the music industry and to bring awareness to the importance of prioritizing mental, physical, and emotional health.

2. Have you drawn professional inspiration from other women in the entertainment industry? How have they inspired you?

Yes! There was a time, before I decided to pursue a career as a Health Coach and Podcaster, that I wasn’t so sure how to contribute to the music industry. Then, I discovered Biz 3 founder and Personal/Professional Coach Kathryn Frazier. The parts of her story that I heard from a talk she gave really helped me visualize how I can add value and become an advocate for touring professionals. Cathy Heller of the Don’t Keep Your Day Job podcast also was a great example of pursuing a career which brings fulfillment through empathy and service. Those are just two of the amazing women who have inspired me, and to whom I am forever grateful.

3. What would you tell young women who are just starting out? What would you like them to know?

Oftentimes, we can’t see our paths clearly. It’s important to trust your instincts and to learn to listen to yourself–truly listen. There’s a lot of noise that can get in the way of pursing a non-traditional path, but when you do finally decide to go for it, enjoy the journey.

4. What is the best piece of career advice you have ever received?

Lead with empathy and don’t be selfish. We have a responsibility to share our gifts with the world.

5. Please share one of your toughest challenges in your career. How did you overcome?

One of the most challenging moments in my career was definitely to choose to leave the security of a traditional teaching career in order to pursue entrepreneurship. Ultimately, I just had to decide to bet on myself and commit to doing the work even without immediate rewards.

6. What is your favorite musical or play?

The Book of Mormon — I’ve been a South Park fan since high school.

7. What is your morning routine?

Wake up, drink at least 20oz. of water, walk my dogs, hop on my Peloton, and shower. I get my best ideas in the shower, so I call it my “meditation” time.

8. Drink of Choice?

I love me some good clean room-temperature water, but I’ve been obsessed with Lemon Spindrift lately.

9. What is a phrase you are known for saying?

It’s always worth asking. the worst that can happen is you’ll get a “no.”

10. At what point in your career did you become a mother? What was your entertainment industry job?

I became a mother very unexpectedly at 20 years old. It was terrifying to have to switch lanes at such a young age, but my son Ayden is the light of life. He’s my WHY.

11. What are the biggest challenges of being a mom in the industry?

I’m fortunate to have flexibility in my career. Time is always precious, but working form home allows me to be there when my son needs me.

12. What are the biggest rewards of being a mom in the industry?

Sharing live music experiences with my son is insanely amazing! That kid went to his first festival at age six, and he has been closer to the action than I ever would have dreamed to be by age twelve.

13. Any tips for balancing work and parenting?

Accept help. You don’t have to do it alone.

janine diaz

14. What advice would you give to other women in the industry?

Work on building genuine relationships. Be of service.

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