11th April 2021
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Art Meets Technology with EnjoyGalaxy Programmable Lights.

Technology Meets Art
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What happens when technology meets art? EnjoyGalaxy intelligent lights can give you the answer. With a wearable, cordless and programmable feature, EnjoyGalaxy intelligent lights is a great lighting system for producers, directors, lighting designers, creative directors, choreographers, and artists in the creation of a show.

EnjoyGalaxy is designed to artistically lift a show.

It can be used as a prop.

In the opening ceremony of the 11th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities of China, 1000 dancers held EnjoyGalaxy light bulbs and performed the Yinyang Taiji project. Programmed to change color according to the sound and vision synchronously, EnjoyGalaxy Technology helped artists to make their vision a reality.

It can work as a live screen on and off the stage.

4000 EnjoyGalaxy light balls and 13000 EnjoyGalaxy sticks were held by 2000 performers onstage and 13000 audience members offstage to make up a 2000 square meter human screen.  This was used to countdown, display words and dynamic images on the Asian Culture Carnival at the China National Stadium (the Bird’s Nest) in Beijing, China, May 15th 2019.

Supported by the system of RF Control and Pixel Control, EnjoyGalaxy intelligent lighting system is portable and does not need to be installed, which makes it ideal for both touring or large events. In addition, EnjoyGalaxy intelligent lights support all major lighting protocols like DMX and Art-NET.

Prior to show delivery, we need to design a draft with software, according to the map, the music, the theme, the element of the event. We do this under the instruction of the show directors. We then simulate the effects by software or by real lights and rehearse.

EnjoyGalaxy intelligent lighting system can do everything and more. It’s an extremely versatile intelligent lighting system that will be a great choice for our artists.

About ENJOY Tech Co. Ltd. & EnjoyGalaxy light systems

ENJOY Tech was established in 2001 in Guangzhou, China, with a history of 19 years. ENJOY Tech specializes in developing and manufacturing of One to All interactive technology products. From concerts to parties, ENJOY Tech has a full staff of highly trained professionals to feed all types of lighting needs. Developed by ENJOY Tech, EnjoyGalaxy light system is a wireless, RF controlled LED intelligent lighting set, including glow stick, wristband, LED Ball, light cap, glasses…and so on. Coded with a unique ID, EnjoyGalaxy lights can be totally controlled by software and controller. One complete set of EnjoyGalaxy lights includes software, base(s), Galaxy LED light units, control panel (optional) and other accessories (recharger, cable, carry case …etc.).

More EnjoyGalaxy light system information available here.

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