12th June 2021
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EnjoyGalaxy Intelligent Lights bring Audience Members into the Action

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ENJOY Tech was thrilled to supply 40000 programmable EnjoyGalaxy intelligent lights to the audience at the Mars Concert (a solo concert of Hua Chenyu) in Hainan, China. Under PC control, 40000 Galaxy lights in the audience stadium seating turned into a big canvas of light, dancing in rhythm with the singer. A warm, interactive space was created and 40000 Galaxy lights created ET’s way back “home” (ET is the nickname of the fans of the singer Hua Chenyu).

“The experience was well worth the ticket! When all of the fans in the viewing sections used Galaxy lights to display ‘ET ET ET…’, ‘Welcome Home’, we all were so excited. We and our idol are one tonight!” ET said after the Mars Concert.

What is EnjoyGalaxy?

Developed by Enjoy Technology Co. Ltd (EnjoyTech), EnjoyGalaxy is a wireless, RF controlled LED intelligent lighting set, that can be used as a glow stick, wristband, LED Ball, light cap or glasses. One complete set of EnjoyGalaxy lights includes software, base(s), Galaxy LED light units, control panel (optional) and other accessories (re-charger, cable, carry case). Coded with a unique ID, EnjoyGalaxy light can be totally controlled by software.


Supported by the system of RF Control and Pixel Control, EnjoyGalaxy intelligent lighting system is portable and does not need to be installed, which makes it ideal for both touring or large events. In addition, EnjoyGalaxy intelligent lights supports all major lighting protocols like DMX and Art-NET.

How does EnjoyGalaxy work?

EnjoyGalaxy is designed to be carried by audience members which, together, act as ‘pixels’ through which images and videos can be channeled, transforming the audience into a giant and LIVE screen. It can make any combination of lighting effects under PC control. EnjoyGalaxy can also make live image or video, like a flying peace dove, wave, National Flag, logo…etc.

What can EnjoyGalaxy do?

Create fabulous lighting effects! Galaxy lights can generate any colour and can be connected to timecode.

Interact actively with audience. Event organizers can use Galaxy intelligent lights to create interactive games with their audience, like voting, lucky draws, quiz games …etc. The audience can use Galaxy intelligent lights to express their feelings. The technology was used as a voting system for 40000 people with real-time results in the Opening Ceremony of the World Skills Kazan 2019 in Russia.

Integrate audiences with the show. Audiences with Galaxy intelligent lights can make up a giant live screen to display the real-time image of a tsunami, ripples, waves, drops…etc. all synchronized with sound and vision in the stadium seating areas, serving as powerful and poetic tools to engage the audience in the show. They are now not only just viewers, but also participants in the performance.

Be a giant live billboard for ads. EnjoyGalaxy provides a low-cost but high-return for sponsors to market their product. Audiences with EnjoyGalaxy intelligent lights can become a live screen to display logos, slogans… and so on during the event.

Be an addition to large scale choreography. EnjoyGalaxy Technology makes a captivating addition to large scale choreography and can produce a spectacular visual design. In the Asian Culture Carnival in May 2019, 2000 performers onstage and 13000 audience members around them made up a 2http://www.enjoyvote.com/en-us/products.php?view=77000 square metre human screen which was used as a countdown, to display words and dynamic images.


About ENJOY Tech Co. Ltd.

ENJOY Tech was established in 2001 in Guangzhou, China, 19 years ago.  ENJOY Tech specializes in the developing and manufacturing of One to All interactive technology products. From concerts to parties, ENJOY Tech has a full staff of highly trained professionals to feed all types of lighting needs.

More information on EnjoyGalaxy light systems available here.

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