17th May 2021
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Who Lights Our World: Josh Wood

Josh Wood
By Guest Contributor

We are asking lighting experts around the world, in the “Who Lights Our World” series, some key questions about their job. Here is Josh Wood based in United States.

1. What lighting console do you prefer working with?

My Preference is Hog 4, but I’m familiar with several.

2. What do you always have with you at your console?

Diet Coke and a thumb drive.

3. Mac or PC?

Both, I prefer Mac, but most of my work software is PC.

4. What may be surprising that you don’t use?

A crescent wrench. Been using a speed wrench for a while, and love it.

5. Coffee or Tea?

Coffee, hot Black.

6. What is your favorite genre of entertainment to work in?

I worked in children’s entertainment for two decades and moved onto working starting up stadiums and other sports venues. I honestly love working on huge architectural installations like some of the professional sports venues I’ve worked on.

7. What is your favorite color combination and why?

I love a back light, with just enough warm front light to make the facial features visible.

8. Who is an lighting designer that you admire and respect?

Howell Binkley, Hamilton was an epic piece of work. I loved the lighting more than anything I’ve seen since.

9. What are the top 5 skill sets that a Lighting Designer/Technician should have?

Well, this is a two parter. Since both need different skills.

Lighting Designer

  1. Patience
  2. An eye for thinking ahead. How will I get to where I’m going?
  3. Empathy, how will I get the feeling of this look across?
  4. Communication, how will I get a programmer to express what I’m trying to do here?


  1. Safety
  2. Speed
  3. Creativity
  4. Cleanliness
  5. Working with others well.

10. What is the best type of client/boss/director?

One who can make others understand what they need to do, and doing it in a way that isn’t condescending.

11. Do you prefer a window or aisle seat?


11. What advice do you have for those who want to become a lighting designer or a lighting technician?

Keep learning. You’re never too old to learn a new trick or skill. There’s tons of people that got left behind because they are stuck using artnet instead of sACN, or don’t understand how lighting and technology has changed.

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