16th April 2021
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Who Lights Our World: Logan Garrett

Logan Garrett
By Guest Contributor

We are asking lighting experts around the world, in the “Who Lights Our World” series, some key questions about their job. Here is Logan Garrett based in Baltimore, USA.

1. What lighting console do you prefer working with?

ETC EOS or Hog 4.

2. What do you always have with you at your console?

I have a memento from whatever show I’m working kind of as a focus tool or good luck charm. Something to keep a sense of home on the road.

3. Mac or PC?

PC and Mac Depending what I need for the job.

4. What may be surprising that you don’t use?

I don’t often use a light meter. (Though I don’t often do film work)

5. Coffee or Tea?


6. What is your favorite genre of entertainment to work in?

Live theatre if given the opportunity. Something refreshing about telling a story.

7. What is your favorite color combination and why?

I really like dark purples and blues. They can add a lot to a scene or moment.

8. Who is an lighting designer that you admire and respect?

Michelle Poley. She is an amazing designer and great person!

9. What are the top 5 skill sets that a Lighting Designer/Technician should have?

  1. Being able to Listen to what is wanted/needed.
  2. Being able to adapt and change quickly to whatever happens.
  3. Know your gear inside and out.
  4. Know how to communicate with what you need and want from people in easy-to-understand terms.
  5. Be able to multitask and work on many projects at once to optimize your work.

10. What is the best type of client/boss/director?

Someone who will listen to suggestions or ideas you have, and understands what is happening and needed.

11. Do you prefer a window or aisle seat?

Window. Always nice to sleep on a plane.

11. What advice do you have for those who want to become a lighting designer or a lighting technician?

Study the fundamentals like McCandless but also get out there and work in the field and get hands on time on equipment and meet and work with people. Get a sturdy background in community/high school college theatre. If a big show is coming to your town they may need extra people call your local IATSE union or venue to see if you can work with them or if they offer classes you can take to learn more.

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