18th May 2021
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Stage Managing the Year’s Biggest Musical in Mexico City

Biggest Musical in Mexico City
By Mariana Salazar

Mexico City is one of the most exciting cities in the world! It has art like no other and it has such a vibrant nature to it. That is why musical theatre can not be any different. Hi, my name is Mariana and I would love to take you through my journey as the Production Stage Manager of one of the biggest musicals in Mexico City and its history: Jesus Christ Superstar.

As the title says, we are packed with Latin American musical industry’s superstars…

80`s rock idols, pop icons, soul rockstars, 60`s legends of rock and roll… you name it, we have it in our cast. So when you pair that with the top producer in the country… you are most certain to have a hit on your hands.

Challenging? oh yeah! but very worth all the extra stress!

Biggest Musical in Mexico City

And if that wasn’t enough, the technology behind our show is top of the line; the video, lights, audio system, it is all over the top amazing! If you are a geek like me you probably love all the new tech enhancements the musical theatre industry has to offer.

That is why sometimes stage managing this show can be an adventure all in itself… fire on stage, water on stage, pyrotechnics, geysers… that all have to match the music and the video and the lights, plus make sure it never hits an actor, and it all looks natural and organic.

Phew… just talking about it made me sweat!

Everything needs to be precise, exact and perfect for everything to work as it should (and for me not to kill anyone while giving it a go).

I have worked with many producers and directors over these past ten years, I have been very blessed with work and amazing jobs, so even though the seat is not new to me, the excitement is new every day!

Biggest Musical in Mexico City

I have a team of two outstanding ASMs that help me oversee the full production and its needs. Eager to learn and young, they are my eyes backstage, because in comparison to other musical shows, this show is run from the light, video and sound booth, so I see the stage from the best seat in the house and can have my operators right with me (poor souls, they get to hear me yell).

Every day has a new challenge, either from the scheduling point of view, to the personal relations department, or even just as simple as having a terrible migraine and still running a great show.

Something that is quite interesting about running a show in Mexico City is that we are prone to earthquakes.

I mean big ones every so often. So as a PSM I need to make sure everyone in our company knows how to safely react to an emergency of this sort.

Biggest Musical in Mexico City

How to stop the show, how to exit the building and how to keep calm.

Talk about adding more challenges! (especially when you have Jesus Christ on the cross dying and suddenly Mother Earth decides to shake).

Maybe this sounds all too familiar to you, maybe it doesn’t!

Still thank you all for reading me! Hopefully this small part of our lives transported you to our part of the world with our very beloved show.

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