16th April 2021
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Free TheatreArtLife Webinars You Need To Watch

Free TheatreArtLife Webinars You Need To Watch
By Michelle Sciarrotta

Did you know that TheatreArtLife host a variety of Webinars and forum discussions you can watch for free? Here is a selection you can check out on our YouTube channel.

International Stage Management

In this Webinar, Anna Robb, Gareth Hulance and Matthew Stern discuss international stage management, working globally and in different genres of entertainment. The conversation follows the differences and similarities of working from culture to culture, and all of the challenges and issues that can be faced when working internationally. This episode is just over 90 minutes in length and is available free.

Show Stops

If you enjoyed the Webinar on stage management, why not check out the next one in the series from Anna Robb, Gareth Hulance and Matthew Stern as they discuss the world of show stops. The trio look at how and why they have experienced show stops, how they have dealt with them (and messed them up!) and what to expect if you have to stop a show, and how to keep people safe. At just over 90 minutes, you can watch the Webinar on the TAL YouTube channel.

Art Versus Money In Entertainment

Are we creating shows for money or creating art? How do you balance a career in the Arts between taking passion projects and keeping yourself economically sustainable? How is art affected by budget in positive and negative ways? What are the differences between working on corporately funded projects and independent work? This international, multi-discipline panel will answer these questions and more in this 90 minute Webinar.

Mental Health & Wellbeing In Entertainment

In this discussion, Tracy Margieson, Barbara Dalle Pezze, Nathan Grimoulas and Anna Robb discuss what companies, leaders and individuals can do to address mental health in the entertainment industry.

International Careers In The Performing Arts

In this forum discussion with four industry professionals, the topic is paving an international career in the Performing Arts. Together they talk about breaking into the industry and working internationally, expectations versus reality in an artistic career, versatility in the industry, transitioning from performer to director, choreographer and management, and other career moves.

This episode is one to watch if you wish to learn more about how to build an international career, how to create a sustainable career as a performer, and how to build on a performing career for other jobs and roles in the Arts.

Stage Management Teams

TheatreArtLife’s discussion forum with stage managers Anna Robb, Dean Jewel, Rebecca Rees, Madison Burkett and Nathan Grimoulas. These Stage Managers are all former members of the same SM team who worked together in Macau, China. Together they talk through how they worked together (and maybe how they didn’t) on a long-term resident show. They share their individual perspectives on the same team and work through topics such as expat living, adapting to different cultures, cast changeover, SM team changeover, show calling, safety, technical issues, show stops and team dynamics.

This episode is for you if you want to learn about running resident shows from a stage manager’s perspective, SM team structures, working on large scale acrobatic and aquatic shows, international work, onboarding, cast changeover, standard operating procedures, show calling, show stops and emergency planning.

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