16th April 2021
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Eurovision 2021: Returning Artists And Plans For The Song Contest

Eurovision 2021_ Returning Artists And Plans For The Song Contest
By Michelle Sciarrotta

After our favourite guilty pleasure was sadly cancelled last year, there has been some good news and developments with the plans for Eurovision 2021, with plans and several artists already announced for the upcoming event.


Eurovision 2021

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will take place in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands from 18th – 22nd May, with contingency plans in place to allow for changing Covid conditions and three scenarios laid out to ensure the event goes ahead:

The first and most optimistic scenario, outlines plans for a socially-distanced and live show environment, which means that a smaller than normal audience would be in attendance, spaced 1.5m apart. The artists would perform together in Rotterdam (the host country) as was the previous tradition, just to a smaller crowd, taking safety measures.

The second scenario plans for any artists who are unable to travel to Rotterdam, and so would allow a remote performance to be included digitally into the show, keeping things fairly close to the first scenario, but allowing for the unexpected in relation to travel restrictions.

In the third scenario, if the situation has worsened then the contest will go ahead live but with no audience, and will incorporate remote performances from any artists who are unable to travel to the Netherlands.

It looks as though the scenarios have taken into account the most likely obstacles Eurovision may face when organising an international event, and even the worst-case provisions should enable the competition to go ahead – even if this consists of a more digital setup for 2021.

Eurovision 2021

The slogan for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 is ‘Open Up’. Together, the theme and slogan are the creative foundation for all choices made around the show in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

“The slogan ‘Open Up’ is intentionally incomplete: Open up to each other. Open up to music. Open up to Rotterdam. Open up to… whatever you choose! Feel the freedom to complete the slogan in your own way. That way we get to know each other better,” says Sietse Bakker, Executive Producer Event of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

“We have looked for a theme and slogan that reflect what the Netherlands stands for and which the Dutch can identify with; a country with an open mind to the world, where we speak our mind, with respect for each other. We also found it important to choose a theme that reflects the spirit of our times. People are concerned about increasing polarization and freedom isn’t as self-evident for everyone as it should be,” emphasised Sietse. “With the slogan ‘Open Up’, we warmly invite people to open up to others, to different opinions, each other’s stories and of course to each other’s music.”

Explanation of the 2021 logo - photo by CLEVER ° FRANKE

Explanation of the 2021 logo – photo by CLEVER ° FRANKE

The 2021 Artists

It came as a blow to the many artists on the 2020 line up who missed out on the chance to perform and compete in the cancelled competition. However, in some welcome news, many who missed out will in fact get their chance to take part this year, although they will need to submit and perform a new song for 2021.

Iceland – Daði Freyr

The song of 2020 was undoubtedly the infectious number from Daði Freyr, Think About Things, which did very well on the UK airwaves and in the media.

Iceland has never won Eurovision, and following publicity from the fantastic Will Ferrell film, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, combined with their 2020 banger, Freyr were the favourites to win in 2020. There are high expectations for Daði Freyr this year after missing out, and I for one can’t wait to hear the 2021 track.

The UK – James Newman

James is a successful songwriter, who was brought in to represent the UK following the national tradition of another last-place fail in 2019. Newman’s 2020 song, My Last Breath was a slow grooving pop track, however he has described a more upbeat and dancier number for 2021. Talking to the BBC, Newman hinted at the different approach for this year, saying:

“I feel like everyone wants a party and to have some fun so when I was writing, that’s what I had in my head. I wanted something people can dance to, even if it’s just in their kitchen”.

Bulgaria – Victoria

The Bulgarian ballad Tears Getting Sober was also tipped to do well in the cancelled 2020 competition, and Victoria is welcomed back into the line up for 2021.

Malta – Destiny

Another typically catchy and dance-worthy track came out of Malta’s All Of My Love, from Destiny, who will be returning in 2021.


Spain – Blas Cantó

One of the non-English entries for 2020 came from Spain’s Blas Cantó with Universo, and he will also be back this year with a new track.


More returning acts for 2021 include:

Australia – Montaigne

Austria – Vincent Bueno

Azerbaijan – Efendi

Belgium – Hooverphonic

Czech Republic – Benny Cristo

Georgia – Tornike Kipiani

Greece – Stefania

Ireland – Lesley Roy

Israel – Eden Alene

Latvia – Samantha Tina

Moldova – Natalia Gordienko

Netherlands – Jeangu Macrooy

North Macedonia – Vasil

Romania – Roxen

San Marino – Senhit

Serbia – Hurricane

Slovenia – Ana Soklic

Switzerland – Gjon’s Tears

Ukraine – Go_A

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