16th April 2021
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Carabiners: How to Verify if Your Carabiner is Rated and Safe To Use

By Trevor Whipkey

A lot of people use carabiners in the entertainment industry. But do you know how to verify if a carabiner is good to use? And if you are using them, do you know how to ensure that you are using them correctly? Here are a few basic tips on verifying the rating on your carabiner and in what situations you would use an oval frame over a D-Frame.


ANSI Z359 Standards for Connecting Components

  1. All snaphooks and carabiners are subject to a 48 hour salt spray.
  2. Snaphooks and carabiners must be auto-locking and have two separate movements to open.
  3. All connectors must be rated to 5,000 pounds.
  4. All gates must be rated to 3,600 pounds.
  5. All connectors must be proof tested to 3,600 pounds before leaving the manufacturer.


Compatability is the geometric relationship between two connecting pieces. In other words, how well do these pieces fit together? How easy is it for the connector to side load? Is there any possibility of rollout (unintentional disengagement)?

Tips for making a compatible connection: If you find your connector in the perched position, you can improve your compatibility by using a different connector or adding a soft link between your connector and anchor. The soft link will add flexibility to the system which is key for any compatible connection.

Why does shape matter? When rigging and building fall protection systems selecting components that produce safe, simple and clean systems is key. Let’s look at the Off-Set D and Oval carabiners, for example, and see how their shape produces different results.




Notice the fleet angle in the pulley with the Off-Set D. Due to the design of the carabiner, one side of the pulley is higher than the other, thus causing the rope to rub on the cheek plate. Switching to an oval shaped carabiner eliminates the fleet angle and the friction that it causes.

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