17th May 2021
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Edinburgh Festival: The Power Of The Lanyard

edinburgh festival
By Alycia Stanley

I’m working in Edinburgh, the festival season is approaching, various venues are starting to open up to provide a space for other festivals to be held. I sit here on a sunny afternoon in a beer garden in one of these venues while gigs are happening in purpose built tents.

A group of people walk past all dressed in black, various things hang from their belts, they are obviously the crew, also hanging around their neck is a lanyard with a pass for the venue.

They walk past in a pack, with confidence and an air of authority, like they own this place, actually what it is, is like they built this place and they did.

This venue was a park a few weeks ago and with some construction, road cases of gear and a container or two of tents and festoon lighting and the usual blood, sweat, tears and a few soggy socks (as it’s not always sunny in Scotland) this park has turned into a lively venue.

These guys and gals who built this are those who couldn’t walk with this confidence in high school, they were hanging out in the local hall or theatre hidden away from the popular crowd because they were into something that wasn’t necessarily cool. They have made a career out of that thing they were interested in, some of them have traveled all over the world to build and run festival venues.

They have found their people, their tribe, those that “get” them. The bonds and friendships formed in that short period of intense work will last a long time.

For some a life time for others the length of the festival or at least until the next festival.

There will be the inevitable hook ups of different ones as well, sometimes even the multiple swaps, the intensive nature of festivals creates a bubble that everyone lives in and what might take years to evolve in the outside world, can take a matter of days or hours in the festival bubble to occur.

When it’s all over they will walk out of the bubble of the Edinburgh Festival, sometimes into another bubble.

But right now they can walk with confidence, they are the popular kids, they have a lanyard that will get them into all the cool and hidden places in the venue, that is, the power of the lanyard.

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