11th April 2021
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A Mantra For The Creative Spirit

By Trevor Yuile


“The Best Things are achieved in a state of surprise”.

Brian Eno

So to say it simply, my process is not a straight path from A to B. I try to let my mind be free. Free it from the constraints one might assume to composition. To just allow the present to affect the future, to live in the moment, to not judge or predetermine what it is that I’m creating.

If it wants to be this, I go there, if it wants to be that – I just allow it. I go with the flow, don’t slow down. Speed is the key for my exploration. I don’t worry about the details until the picture is completely clear and in my sights. Until then unimpeded thought, freedom to allow this to go wherever my imagination takes me. Without freedom to roam, I could be hit by a creative thunderbolt and it’ll just leave me stunned, not inspired.

I don’t think of the end before I begin…I WANT a blank page with no edges so I can zig and zag my way through till what I’m chiseling at, reveals itself.

Nothing is off the table….any sound can be music (OK maybe not everything) I just need to find its place…a place on the page, a place in my head. If I don’t see something working yet in my creation, I don’t throw it away – I put it aside, I might come back to it. Everything can and will affect all the other parts – one may push aside the other, it might complement it, or it may lead me down another rabbit hole altogether. Everything is raw material, everything is relevant, everything is useable.

Not every path is going to be great, some might just be shit. I don’t get married to my music. If it doesn’t work – that’s ok. Through this process I’ve at least figured that out. And because I never slow down…I don’t lose time.   I don’t try to make it fit. I’m FREE to start again anytime I choose…

Do not fear mistakes. There are none.



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